Go take a hike!


The title of this refers to an expression which is, if you like (and even if you don’t!), a more polite way of telling someone who has annoyed you to go forth and multiply!

Me? I prefer the raw power of the original! But then I am a couthless sort of gal – and have, in all probability, got on several people’s goats to the extent that they have been tempted to tell me to get my proverbial walking boots on…

Two recent comments, which I was, fortunately, able to shift to Spam immediately have roused my Inner Mere-Wife (doesn’t take much!) so much that smoke actually bellowed forth from my draco-esque nostrils and my extendable claws took out a large, and largely redundant, pot plant!

So: To the two egregious wasters of my space, and everyone else’s time, I have the following to say:

Go take a fornicating hike, the both of you! To the one who had nothing better to say about my recent re-dyed hair selfie than, ‘Old lady – Saggy tits!’ I extend my contempt – but, to your credit, at least you spelled all the words correctly and it made sense! As for the illiterate wazzock who paraphrased a comment made by another of life’s resentful tossers, and, in doing so, reduced a nasty sarky little snipe into something apparently written in Ancient Cuneiform, then translated into Modern Gobbledegook (and still viperishly unpleasant!), I say this: Once you are able to string two words together coherently, then you may criticise my writing and subject matter; until such time as this happens, may your hike be painful, fraught, never-ending and lonely!

This is dark humour, by the way, for those who can’t tell with my writing! But it also has a serious point: That there are people out in the world who have this insatiable need to creep anonymously onto a writer’s site and leave venom is undeniable, but strikes me as a true indication of utter inadequacy – and, to complete my ‘hike’ thoughts, such creatures are in dire need of getting out, and going for a hike, themselves. And, if they trip over an adder (poetic justice, in my book), and fall, screaming, into a crevasse, so much the better!

My final point to my would-be ‘Go take a hike’ brigade: If you are going to leave egregious and pointless feedback, don’t compound the insult by arrant laziness: At least take the trouble to copy someone else’s trite, vapid and unwanted outpourings correctly! Word order and punctuation may seem like bourgeios habits worthy of first place on the lamppost to you; but to me, they are essential: I actually have this strange, no doubt terribly middle-class, preference for a sentence that make some kind of sense!



9 thoughts on “Go take a hike!

  1. I doubt if these under educated offspring of drudges would understand the inflections of your blogs if you printed them on stiff card, rolled them tightly and shoved them roundly into those orifaces issuing offence.
    (Old lady saggy tits. Hmmmm what’s not to like or did I miss the point? x)

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      1. Julie

        If they could bed beautiful young and sexy women, they wouldn’t have the time nor the inclination to bully you.
        They are losers trying to belittle you in order to feel better about their pathetic lives.

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    1. LOL Talking of Irish curses, there is one that seems appropriate in this context…

      “May those who love us love us.
      And those that don’t love us,
      May God turn their hearts.
      And if He doesn’t turn their hearts,
      May he turn their ankles,
      So we’ll know them by their limping.”

      Go take a hike! 😀 xx

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