Stylish? Me? Oh, yes!

In my own inimitable way, I consider myself to be extremely stylish; I just don’t like to define that style as anything in the same universe as Haute (or even Cold!) Couture!




All three of these images define my look, my style, pretty accurately. I tend to wear either jeans or maxi-skirts (as we used to call them), with colourful tunic tops and batwing blouses over them. Teamed, inevitably, with Doc Marten boots. The only jewellery I wear on a regular basis will be a pair of ear-rings, matching the day’s tunic/batwing dominant colour.

I never wear make-up (unless I am appearing in a local drama production) – and do not bother to arrange my hair in folds and French plaits, buns or bunches. A swift brush of the russet mane – and I am ready to roll!

I wear no rings. The only one I ever did wear was my wedding band – and, for obvious reasons, this would no longer be appropriate (or desired!).

I have never followed fashion slavishly, preferring to dip into the look of a particular era and pick out that which appeals to, and suits, my Pre-Raphaelite appearance.

I am colourful, Hippyish, at times Mediaeval. I don’t do posh frocks, or matching accessories. I don’t have a handbag for every outfit, or multiple coats, or wardrobes full of shoes, hats and those weird fascinator things! Each to her own, of course, but they sure don’t fascinate ME!

Clothes, per se, do not interest me, never have, though I am perennially absorbed by, and in love with, bright colours. I buy the outfits I like as a way of expressing my personality, of allowing my inner fire to chime with the outer, my essential earthiness to be realised through earthy shades of material.

I am not, and never have been, a girly girl – but I am deeply feminine! I do not conform to conventional styles of beauty, as shown in top models ( wouldn’t be able to get one of their dresses past my ankles, for starters!) – but, I think my looks are, in an odd way, more enduring!

I think my style transcends a specific age, both chronologically and historically.

Yes, I am stylish! Just not Cat Walk material!


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