Autumnal Equinox: The Piano and The Sixpence!


I have always been a generous person: Love giving, I guess…

My piano left me today. Given, it was, with love and no expectations, other than it be loved and played, to friends of mine.

It was trundled onto a trolley, pushed over the carpet upon which it had stood for so long, its move away from the wall revealing one of my many descant recorders which had, at some point, slipped down the back – and which, for one magical moment, hung suspended by will-power and fairy-dust against the wall-paper.

As it accelerated down the piano movers’ sloping board, a tiny coin, loosed from within, tinkled out and fell onto the front door mat in the porch.

I picked it up – then, busy watching as the piano was strapped in to the removal vehicle, its stool, pink topped and elegantly carved, wedged in before it, my friends and the movers driving off for pastures new, only thought to examine the piano’s gift to me later.

It lay on my palm. Tarnished, but still silver and recognisable: A sixpence, coinage from my early years; a coin of huge significance to my childhood, and a source of colourful and immediate memories. A sixpence, minted in 1955, three years before I was born and sixteen years before Decimal Currency took over. I smiled. And a few tears leaked out, fell upon the sixpence.

‘Honour Abundance!’ Such is the message of this Autumnal Equinox – and it is a message dear to my heart, and something I abide by.

The piano will give great joy. It will be played brilliantly. It will enhance the lives of those who now own it. It was a gift, from the heart, gladly given.

I did not expect anything in return, so the mystical sixpence lying in my path was a delightful surprise. I felt as if the Fey had dropped in and left it! To me, it symbolises layers of abundance: Truly, it is worth more than the two pence which has, in some jarring, not-quite-fitting way, replaced it!

Abundance, you see, cannot be counted in piles of money, nor can it be figured in how much something would fetch on the market. Abundance starts with the heart, and is to do with giving openly and receiving with wonder and excitement. Giving is priceless.

I do not know how much my little sixpence would be worth in monetary terms, and I do not care either! To me, it is beyond compare. It is a generous reminder of the true nature of abundance, from the Universe.



37 thoughts on “Autumnal Equinox: The Piano and The Sixpence!

  1. Sadly my piano did not give forth such treasure when I sold it three years ago. However, I remember the pre decimal currency coins with great fondness. Variety of shape and size, you felt you had something in your purse and could buy so many things for a penny! Not so today.
    I miss those times. the threepenny peice is coming back into circulation though……. as a modern pound coin. Worth about 3d I suppose.

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          1. Monkee Cards don’t ring a bell, unless you mean collecting the little cards you’d get in the packet of sweet cigarettes? I do remember trying to collect all the letters of the alphabet from tubes of smarties though!

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          2. Yes, I recall that! Last time it happened! All the boys in my primary school got all excited about it. I am more yer Rugby and, more latterly, NFL fanatic myself – but can totally get the lure of the Game (one way or another). x


          3. I prefer rugby actually, as I am a ‘bum gal’…… all those bums in a scrum. Anyone will tell you that if I’m asked what it is I first notice about a guy, I say it depends if he’s coming towards me or walking away. 🙂

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