Let’s Pretend…



Let’s pretend another world:

Peopled by dolls, or intertwined, table-cloth-covered books –

With twisty red pipe-cleaner Evil at its centre,

And Good a chalk Father Christmas.

Let’s pretend that plastic figures are real.

Let’s pretend that Cowboys and Indians hide in the garden –

And fairies wait for night to creep out from the Rockery.

Let’s pretend the the climbing frame’s a castle,

And I its Princess, immured in high tower,

Awaiting her Prince of Rescue and Delight.

Let’s pretend that the monsters can be shut up

In big books before bedtime; the sinister shape

Behind the door is always a dressing gown –

And Mummy or Daddy will cuddle us –

And rock us safely to sleep every single night.

Let’s pretend that imagination, so vast,

Covers the Earth like a multi-coloured ocean,

And that visiting underwater Royalty takes drowning’s place.

Let’s pretend that guns fire custard and jelly –

And bombs explode into harmless Hundreds and Thousands.

Let’s pretend that all tanks and ships and dangerous vehicles –

Are Dinky toys! So realistic in all but size. Capable of nothing

But warm nestling in a small child’s hand,

Or zooming the length of a Playroom.

Let’s pretend that peace is more than a symbol,

And ‘Happily ever after’ lasts longer than a novel’s end.

Let’s pretend that I am innocent, maiden, once more –

And that romance will blossom in healthy vines.

Let’s pretend that truth is universal language

And generosity of spirit prized above all wealth.

Let’s pretend, as we did when young –

Before the rope of shame and adulthood

Choked imagination to death.


17 thoughts on “Let’s Pretend…

  1. Let’s pretend all things have passed. Let’s pretend you are free! Let’s pretend all you have to do is rise in the morning sunshine and amble off to the high street for a rich black coffee. Let’s pretend you can sit in a quiet warm space free to write and let your imagination fly… But why pretend? It is the future if you but hold the belief that it can be so. I believe! x

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