Passionately Disagree!

When I disagree strongly, I express myself forthrightly, passionately and, in the main, articulately.

I tend to be tolerant – on the whole – and certainly think that people are entitled to their own opinions, as long at they don’t try to convert (which often segues into bully!) me to religion, cult or cause I wouldn’t, under normal circumstances, be seen dead in a ditch with.

But some actions, some ways of seeing the world – and of behaving in order to shin up the greasy pole of promotion – get my goat to such an extent that I am inclined to forego any future hope of joining the Diplomatic Service by doing, dare I say it, a Duke of Edinburgh!

Now there’s a man who calls a Spade a Spade. Like him or loathe him, you cannot accuse him of talking about people behind their backs or being a hypocrite.

So, I detest those who crawl, creep, brown-nose or casting-couch in the cut-throat quest for advancement – and I disagree heartily with their tactics. Vile, I call it. So dishonest and pathetic! If your own merits are not enough to get you the job, that may well be a hint from the Universe that you are chasing a False Grail – and, thus, the, to me, derisory attempts to hook a pay-rise by hoicking out your baps, making the beast with two backs or telling blatant lies about some shrivelled and repulsive old scrote press my Disagree button stridently!

Ooh, I could tell you a few true stories from my time as a teacher! But let us leave pillow talk and its ramifications behind us, shall we? Suffice it to say that Bonking one’s way to Middle Management (both sexes), or Flattering for the Known Universe, is not just the stuff of Bodice-Ripping novels!

It really happens!

Why, though, do I disagree with this practice? Partly because it is prostitution in all but name, only instead of Kerb-crawlers, you get, in teaching, Office and Staffroom crawlers, and instead of tarts lurking by lamp-posts, you get a variety of inadequate educationalists pushing up their bras/down their knickers (and that’s just the men!) in the sad hope of attracting a Head of Department for a bit more than an in-depth discussion on Chivalry and Symbolism in ‘Sir Gawain and the Green Knight’!

But my main area of disagreement centres around any attempt to use the wonderful life force that is sex as a bargaining chip, as part of a transaction, as a way of buying a job, house, car or anything else for that matter!

Those who bounce on this particular promotional bed (!) often try to justify their actions by citing the narrowness of the Tunnel of Ambition, the cost of living and the fact that, according to them, everyone does it!

Do they? Do they really?! Nope, I disagree with all of the above. The Tight Gorge of Getting Ahead is set up to separate the wheat of true talent from the chaff of the Also-Rans! Not to go through the Karma Sutra. And the fact that you give good head does not guarantee that you will have any aptitude at all for the job outside the sack!

Yup! Just heard the Diplomatic Bag departing without an Alienora…

No surprise there!

But then, I disagree with those who feel one has to indulge in diplomacy all the time – comes perilously close to lying from where I stand!

You are, of course, free to disagree! And, if you have, as it were, made your way to the top on your bottom, I just hope you don’t have too many carpet burns to show for it!



9 thoughts on “Passionately Disagree!

  1. Julie

    Diplomacy is the art of telling the truth in a way that protects and preserves the dignity of a person or a group.
    Hypocrisy on the other hand doesn’t care about people, respect, dignity or morality. A hypocrite isn’t motivated by the truth either: he/she has only one ambition: to make sure that he/she is valued, is getting ahead, is first, is famous etc…
    As for the Duke, he is neither a diplomat nor a hypocrite: he is simply a careless and ignorant toff.

    As you can see, I am a born diplomat . :- D

    Ambition and hypocrisy are natural bedfellows and Karma is their byproduct.
    Those who would do almost anything to further their own interests are morally weak but I do not agree in lumping the tactful and the diplomatic types in the same bag as them.

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    1. The diplomacy strand in this piece was, as I am sure you realised, tongue in cheek and a jest made by me against me (if you see what I mean!): It was, in essence, saying that, with my forthright views I would be unlikely to get a place in the world of professional Diplomacy! Of course tactful and sensitive people should be encouraged (wish the world contained more of them!) – but, in some people, the urge to be diplomatic crosses over into covert politicians’ territory and can breed a regrettable tendency to sit on the fence and refuse to stand up for what is right; it is that tendency in some people, some of the time, I dislike. It is surprisingly common amongst teachers – and the further up the ranks they go, the more likely they are to use this form of diplomacy as a shield. I tended to stick up for the kids I taught – and was, thus, seen as an undiplomatic maverick! Tact and sensitivity starts with the instinctive response; diplomacy is what it becomes when it is verbalised or written down – but, with the best intentions in the world (and the biggest heart), sensitivity can become lost in translation, can border on the politically expedient and the needlessly politically correct. Besides, no diplomacy can take the place of a good kick up the arse when it’s needed! Example: When a kid kicks off big time in a lesson, one can do the whole diplomatic bit till the cows come home, but sometimes barking, ‘Sit down and shut up!’ works just as well! A minefield, this kind of thing, isn’t it?!! xxx


  2. Of course I disagree! Well two points catch my wandering attention. 1. Ooo look there’s a two winged sparrow… Sorry yes 1. Don’t care who I’m seen dead in a ditch with (I mean I’m dead forchristssake AND I’m in a ditch…). 2. Getting ones baps out is always a good thing, it just is…

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