Cats’ Fur Anger: A Facade…


That could be me! The technique I adopt is almost identical, though I do have a bit of a problem replicating the Dracula-esque teeth!

But it is, as with cats, all a facade. With your average moggy, there is a hell of a lot less cat underneath the bristling fur, extended claws, death-mask-horror face and punctured-tyre hissing; in fact, said feline is putting on this grim facade in order to scare off the opposition – and, basically, in order to prevent loss of libido, limb or even life!

I’m the same. I fluff myself up very colourfully – and having long russet curls certainly helps in that regard: Just think Crystal Tips! – and, with aggressive blowing up of my outlying regions can, very speedily, look more like a pack of ravenous Valkyries than just the one woman! The loud ululations, sinister clicking and heavy breathing; the narrowed eyes and vermilion-hued visage; the mouth set in a ferocious rictus; the fingers stiffened into deadly spikes; the clouds of steam, even fire, issuing from all orifices – all of this allows me Β to appear in Sekhmet’s robes when, behind this lioness-facade, I am probably quaking in my shoes and terrified.

Would I rip out someone’s entrails whilst in Pissed-off Pussy Mode? Probably not! Because, like the domestic kitty, there is a lot less of me underneath the colour, sound and fury!

But, by God, it certainly convinces the cowering onlooker!


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