Kindred Spirits!

Breakthrough this morning: Instead of trying to squeeze people (especially of the fanciable sex) into the mould of strict criteria (looks, height, hair colour, wealth), why don’t we just enjoy the bond, the connection – and, where we are lucky enough to come across it, the Kindred Spirit delight?



Kindred Spirits may not become life partners, or boyfriend/girlfriends – but they are worth their weight of gold in the treasure chest of our lives.

We don’t look for them. They are not people we can use as tick lists for an illusory ideal. We gravitate towards one another, as if by osmosis.There is an ancient and mysterious knowing which defies logic and transcends the actual time frame of the friendship.

We all tune into invisible vibrations constantly, though not everyone is aware of this. With Kindred Spirits, we do not need to adjust the dial on that psychic radio – because they are already on our wavelength.

Perhaps we spend too much energy trying to find The One, and not enough acknowledging the bonds which go beyond such thoughts. There is a tendency to say, or think, ‘Yes, I value our connection – but you do not match up to my ideal woman/man/goat…’

Perhaps a better way of looking at it is this: ‘Our bond is perfect just the way it was created – and it does not need to be, or do, anything else!’

True Kindred Spirits are rare, and precious beyond compare. If we have them in our lives, we are blessed. If we have them, and throw them away, we are foolish. If they turn on the inner radio and find us, and we block their vibrations, we are damaging our own connection with the universe.

They are the four-leafed clover of the soul: When we stop looking, we stumble upon them! They are to be cherished. For as long as we live.


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