Yes, I have real books!

I was a novelist first, a blogger very much second – and a diary-writer some four years prior to starting my first book in 1976.

I think that, to many (including, in some ways, me), e-books are not seen as real books. I attribute this to the fact that we are, as a species, multi-sensual (we have five senses with which to ‘read’ the world, after all) – and have a centuries’ long tradition of printing and binding.

So, let me explain (because this part of my writers’ journey was all on my previous blog  – which I deleted last autumn): I have self-published all five of my novels. This involved formatting the edited drafts and loading them as documents (with much support and help from lovely Sue Vincent) onto the Createspace site. The front covers I created myself in some cases – but again Sue was crucial to this part of the process.

Some self-published authors choose to make their books available only as e-books. Fair enough: They are cheaper to buy and, thus, probably easier to sell, and attract a wider audience.

I wanted my books to be physical tomes as well, however – so I opted for a two-pronged approach: E-books for those who wanted, and print-on-demand for anyone who wanted the comfort and delight of a book they could hold in the hand and display on the book-shelf!

What this means is that, at present, none of my novels can be found in bookshops per se; but, if you go onto Amazon, you have the choice of downloading them onto your tablet or being sent a paperback copy.

Print-on-demand means precisely that: When you order, they print! I have ordered copies of all my books that way – and lovely it was to receive huge boxes containing the colourful fruits of my literary labours! It is pretty quick too.

I have an author’s page (as most writers do):

I also have reviews on all five books. Most of them are on ‘Long-Leggety Beasties’ (Humorous teaching novel) and ‘Come Laughing!’ (Humorous sex) – but the novel which I think is my best one in many ways (from a purely literary point of view), ‘Riding at the Gates of Sixty’ (Based on the life and death of Virginia Woolf) has also produced some excellent comments.

Last year, I had several very successful local book selling and signing events, and have sold a fair few copies to friends and ex-pupils.

To my delight, two of the books were accepted by Courtyard Books in Glastonbury – and, for a brief delightful moment, I saw ‘The Lyre of Logres’ displayed prominently in the front window of said emporium.

Once I have moved, and the dust has settled, I will be ordering some more copies – at present, I am down to three copies of ‘LLB’ and five of ‘My Esoteric Journey, Volume 1′ – and will also be writing another book.

I am happy to sign copies for people who live in my area (the South West of England; I live near Bristol) – and will order specific copies for anyone who wishes to buy one.

Meanwhile, on with the blogging. I do enjoy it – but am mindful that it can distract me from working on my books. The blog/novel balance will need to change in the next phase of my writing life.


Note: although I blog under my maiden name of Browning, all my books were written under my married name of Alienora Taylor.


2 thoughts on “Yes, I have real books!

  1. …and there I am thinking all this literature was digital. Now I like to think of myself as fairly modern when it comes to most things and ‘real’ books are no exception. Why these days I can actually read on vellum printed with genuine Architeuthis hartilgil sepia (gave up on calfskin and dried badger blood some weeks ago). I shall look forward to reading these works as soon as I can get my horse and cart up to riding speed and obtain a copy. Ted (still mourning the sad passing of the rune carved stone tablet…). x

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