Gushing bollocks more like!

Insincere, and often inaccurate, glitter heaped onto the head of the flattered. The tone of voice usually gives the game away, grating, as it does, upon the soul with its overblown emphases and patina of glistering falseness all too evident.

Often, in my experience, twinned with Grovelling, Obsequiousness and Arse-Licking – and used, in the main, to accrue much-needed, if ultimately value-free, Brownie Points.

Usually chosen as a sure-fire winner by desperate Underlings and those of little talent who have a burning, if misguided, desire to creep and crawl with lying praise their way to the top.

Flattery has nothing to do with valuing, or even liking, the recipient. It is all about attracting the attention, and using the power and influence, of the flattered in order to attain a desired goal.

Flattery is often confused with genuine appreciation and sincere giving of compliments. The difference lies in the motivation behind the urge to give praise. I love being complimented and appreciated, and am sure most people reading this would say the same; but flattery tends to make my hackles rise because it stems from selfishness, from the expectation of getting something back. I have heard it referred to as emotional bribery – and, from my own experience, would be inclined to agree!




10 thoughts on “Flattery?

    1. Not at all, Ted! Merely pointing out the difference between compliments/appreciation (which most people love) and flattery (which is subtly, but importantly, different). Thanks for the compliment! xxx


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