Candles and Tranquility

My Study, about which I have written fairly recently, is my sanctuary; it is the place I go to when I am wounded and afraid, and also when I am happy and creative. In its hallowed space, I have created elements of a Temple. I guard this place with the senses and with helpers from the Inner Realms.

Sense of smell is vital for this process of ensuring my own safety (in psychological terms) – and I make great use of candles, and scented tea lights, in order to purify, remove noxious vibrations, ready myself for meditation, do rituals and as aromatherapy to soothe, relax and ease my, at times, troubled and oppressed spirit.

I have a whole drawer full of assorted candles. They are all the colours of the rainbow, and the combined scent arising from the candle area is always a delight. It calms me down no matter how fraught I may be.


My favourite two for relaxation are lilac and rose candles. When their little lights are burning, I can unclench my muscles, go into a dream state and shut out the demands and hurts of my life for a while. Very therapeutic – and absolutely essential for peace of mind and inner healing.


My Study always carries the sweet scent of the latest candle – and many people, noticing this, have said that the room has a very calm atmosphere which is quite distinct from the rest of the house.

I have set it up this way deliberately – for protection and privacy and safety and peace, and for it to be a welcoming and loving space not just for me, but for those I love.


10 thoughts on “Candles and Tranquility

  1. Fortress of Solitude, the Inner Sanctum, Candlehenge, the hidden valley of Shambula, all these and now the Temple of Alienora. Whispered it is said, to exist in a realm so profound only the purest of heart can travel and abide. When the rest of reality is dust and entropy lays it’s quiet hand over the void the only and last light will be the flickering lavender candle left burning as a beacon by the goddess and her maidservant. Take rest in the temple whilst you walk in this realm. Tomorrow we are all shadows and the light grows ever dim. Chronicles of Alinora chapter 2.

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      1. Can’t, he’s mine! A friend gave me some foam bath for my birthday/anniversary knowing we were going to a hotel to enjoy the luxury of a proper bath (she had Maggie for the night). Oh such bliss. Rubber Duck was in his element!

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          1. And for myself, it has to be said! You really have to watch your step in the bath with one of they buggers around: One slip on the soap and you’d end up – er – ducked (or something similar in sound) by plastic phallus! xxx

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