Banned? What/Who should be?


Banned? From life preferably…

Here is my list (by no means exhaustive and in no particular order):

Trolls. Why the hell can’t we, as a supposedly intelligent society, get some kind of control over these time-wasting, predatory illegitimate sons and daughters of diseased camels?

Paedophiles. There is no excuse for them and their vile proclivities. Straight down the rubbish chute with the lot of them. I don’t care how famous and wealthy they are. Abuse is egalitarian. Treatment should be the same.

Narcissists. Since they are not fully human, banning the sods from society should not be a problem. There must be a planet somewhere that could house the swine!

Racists, homophobes and misogynists. Ban the bloody lot of them. They are neither use nor ornament and we, as a world, would be better off without them.

Domestic Abusers (physical and mental). Why, oh why, does the world still shrink from accepting, and confronting, these semi-human vermin? Humungous rat-trap to the fore, says I. Don’t just ban them; cull them!

75% of all politicians. Complete waste of space. Far too many of them still hail from privileged and moneyed backgrounds, crowd our highly dubious public schools with their repellent offspring and pass laws which cater to them and leave everyone else completely buggered.

Brown-nosers, Toadies and other insincere wazzocks. Give the egregious twonks their marching orders now. They add a wholly unnecessary, and potentially lethal, layer of grease wherever they go.

Power-mad, psychopathic leaders (of anything). No thanks. They can go right away. Cancel their subscription (probably forged in the first place) to the Human Race and put them out of their (and everyone else’s) misery.

I could go on. But am sure a) you’ve got the point and b) have loads of your own to add!


12 thoughts on “Banned? What/Who should be?

    1. Thanks, Suze. There was a wonderful offshoot of the Monty Python team’s output back in the seventies (I think): A series of around six programmes written by, and starring, Michael Palin (always my favourite Python). In one of them, he referred to someone he didn’t like as a parrot-faced, spawny-eyed wazzock, a phrase of such wondrous hilarity that it has stayed with me ever since! xxx

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