Primp? The Last Trump?

Only if we, as a species, are complicit in creating that scenario! And, in terms of the first word, a pointless activity used as an attempt to comb over the bald spot of truth!

No amount of primping and preening can disguise this one!


I start with my immediate reaction:

Jeez, world. What the hell have we spawned, elected, accepted?

I’ll tell you what. The embodiment of hatred and prejudice. Death, War, Pestilence and Famine all rolled into one gargantuan body. The Last Trump(et) potentially.

Look at that face and its expression, fresh from primping one assumes – and shudder, weep, pray as you never have before. Never mind your specific religious beliefs; there are times in the history of this world in which such things are irrelevant – and this is one of them.

This is a time for pulling together, setting aside differences and working for the greater good of mankind.

Do I think Donald Trump serves the Light? No. I am quite sure he does not. However, his arrival, a tubby Antichrist upon the world stage, could be the incentive we need, ironically: He could be the catalyst for deep change; for us to recognise, see and use the beacons of light that connect us, instead of distancing ourselves under the flabby and flimsy banners of differences only skin deep.

It cannot be coincidence that a man (roughly speaking) named Trump has come along at this point.’The Trump(et) shall sound and the dead shall arise’as the Bible (and Handel’s ‘Messiah’) would have it.

But let us not immediately rush, like Gadarene Swine, off the cliffs of Imminent Armageddon. Let us not, in our panic, bring on the very thing we all dread. Let us not become the weapons of our own, and the world’s, destruction, because the human love of myths and symbols turns a man (however unpleasant) into Satan.

Let us remember that Lucifer, who fell, came from Light – and that our world is not perfection to be muddied by a latter day Antichrist. Let us remember that the state of the world is a shared responsibility and that Trump, for all that he appears to be hatred given human form, is merely reflecting, in larger form, something which lurks within all of us.

Are we going to allow the Biblical predictions house room? Surely that is neither advisable nor necessary. Are we going to crown this man with Mephistophelian horns, knight him with the sword of ‘This is what we deserve’ and allow something even worse to incarnate through him?

We have chosen Trump. All of us, whether we live in the United States or Usbekistan. By this, I do not mean that we have voted him in; I simply mean that we, corporately, have chosen what he represents over and over again.

The tragedy lies not in Trump’s election per se, nor in the rise to power of Hitler (or any of the other servants of darkness). The real tragedy lies in our choice, time after time after time, to allow these razors into the world’s flesh – and our blindness and complacency when it comes to the clear warning signs which precede their meteoric ascent.

A world which allows the tiny tyrants to rise and slay at will should not be surprised when the bigger ones come along and take over. Trump is an embodiment of something we, as a race, have let loose – and then failed, signally and seriously, to call back.

There is only one of him – and billions of us. Let us not allow a reprising of the Third Reich in any way, shape or form by making ourselves powerless.

I am deeply upset by his election. I know I am not alone.But the growing trend of hatred in our beautiful, fragile world has, in a sense, made this decision almost inevitable. Now? Now the menace is in the biggest back yard of the world and impinges upon all of us. Now, we can no longer ignore it. Now, we have to live with it.

Frightening? Yes.


9 thoughts on “Primp? The Last Trump?

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      1. I have found I am filled with a strange sense of deep peace beneath the devastation. Like the goddess is strong within, and the fire of the Light has been firmly lit. Let us blaze this path of light, collectively, together. There are many of use who walk with the Light and I have faith it will prevail. ❤

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  2. So you don’t like him I take it? Actually the American people had the devil’s choice in any flavour. I’m not entirely sure Clinton is an angel… The truth is as long as people come into power floating on a magic money carpet the choice will always be compromised. Shit does indeed float to the top… (I’m thinking of moving to Tau Ceti if you fancy coming along).

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