Trumped by Miley Cyrus, Angela Merkel et al!

You have to laugh! Yesterday, I wrote a post about Donald Trump. I sent it, as I always do, out into the world – in so far as I, an unknown writer at the bottom of the world’s bookshelf, can do.

Now, don’t get me wrong: It has received twenty-one likes and several insightful comments…

But, I have been completely trumped by the known, the celebrity, those on the top shelf (whether they can write coherent prose or not!).

Miley Cyrus and Angela Merkel’s respective emotive response/commentary upon Trump’s election success garnered ‘hits’ in the hundreds of thousands: 220 and 260 thousand, I believe.

My post has been read forty-five times!

This, of course, is a snapshot view of why I have not been more widely read as a novelist – and why both of the above ladies would undoubtedly be assured of success were they to scribe a book.

But, more seriously – and relating to the sense of powerlessness so many of us are suffering from Post USA election – it encapsulates the experience of Everyman and Everywoman: The normal people, who are not big names, who do not control a large slice of the world’s wealth or top positions or stately mansions; people, in a word, whose passions are just as wild, whose humanity is just as varied, whose voices are just as clear and intelligent and thoughtful – and yet who are NOT heard or talked about on the social sites because they are the faceless pawns in life’s endless games of Power-mad Chess.

But my other point is this: Celebrity/Big Name status is no guarantee of compassion, intelligence, care for the wider world or sense. We, as a race, have a long history of both bowing down to, and resenting, the graven images, the golden idols hewn out of power, dominance, the loudest voice and the ability to smite with nature’s most grievous weapons.

We make gods and devils out of mortal men and women. We raise them up, place them in, as Terry Pratchett so wonderfully had it, Dunmanifestin, and then spend the rest of our lives praying to them, cursing them and trying to dodge their spiteful thunderbolts!

At that level of power, the difference between a god and a devil is in the detail only! And we, silly credulous humans – we who have been given free will, opposable thumbs, love and intelligence – continue to genuflect, in awe, before the mighty while ignoring the spark of divinity within our own spirits.

We have not, it seems, learned the lesson of the gods! How ironic given that so many of us still allow our lives to revolve around versions of Heaven and Hell. How ironic that so many of us would rather believe in, and possibly bring about, the fictional Armageddon than change the script, question the myths and legends, see that there is no inevitable endgame – other, that is, than our own, individual deaths.

How ironic that we would rather believe in four bloody great Horsemen thundering across the sky/land/through Tesco’s than the power we have, as normal human beings, to pull together, use mortal common sense and create a world which works for everyone.

As Above, so Below…


8 thoughts on “Trumped by Miley Cyrus, Angela Merkel et al!

  1. I always find some insight into your posts, but see, I am often criticized of being judgmental. I don’t care what Miley Cyrus says, be it good or bad, because the sight of her disgusts me. Again, I am being called judgmental because of this, but I don’t think so, because it is not same when I see a person that is for example dirty, unkempt, in trouble or similar. Merkel likewise, when I see her, I want to not see her, whatever comes from her mouth is distasteful, sounds scary to me and so on.
    Here is where I disagree with your post: “world for everyone”. No, not for everyone. Not for rapists. Not for child molesters. Not for animal abusers. Not for mass murderers of any intent and creed. I think the world is partially shit right now because we are trying to accommodate it for the people we are honestly, better off. We accommodate and ignore, because they are “sick” and we are “normal” yet when there is talk of mental illness or caring for elderly, the situation is presented completely the opposite. I don’t want a world for everyone. I don;t want a world where a prostitute is an immoral whore, and Miley Cyrus is a diva.

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    1. Thanks, Oloriel. What I meant was a world that works for everyone, so that the need to behave in dark ways becomes unnecessary. I do know what you are saying, however, and am certainly not trying to condone the behaviour of the destructive. xxx


  2. Power is triangular. The closer to that geometric summit the more power you control. It’s a matter of space, there is simply more at the bottom and the weight of ones own convictions can pull one downwards with the force of gravitas into the silt of truth. Before fairly universal education it was never a problem, the uneducated rump of society would quietly fester and muck out the castle poo shoots with no thought other than getting some calorific intake and a place to sleep with fewer lice. It’s probably true to state that the rich and powerful would like a return to an underclass, uneducated poor and compliant. It’s articulate individuals like you Ali, in their thousands ,that prevent that nightmare to a large extent. What you say and write might only be a pebble on the beach but there are many many pebbles…
    (As a personal observation might I say that you dressing in a bikini and wearing high heeled shoes at all times would offer a definite influential advantage… Oh blown it, aaaah). xx

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