Flames Within!



Flame surged through loins, stiffening flesh, causing sparking bolts to shoot into tissues dormant and quiescent for so long. A chain reaction of fire spread throughout the body: Salty liquid trickled down the brow, hesitated on the coarse tendrils of chest hair, rolled ever further down to Rio.

Flames ignited within, inhalation of smoke causing the characteristic rasping and fetch-and-miss breathing, the bright pink (almost red) colouration of face and neck, upper chest and thigh, the mottling of in-between areas.

Flame shrank the sinews, causing the extremities to jut upwards and outwards as if pulled by determined puppeteer. Gasps echoed from the agony-ecstasy of extreme heat taking over, having its way, winning the ancient battle between body and mind, scorching sense out of the equation.

Flame: Primal, red-gold, dangerous, destructive, burning away artifice and pretence. Flames: Melting and melding, reconstructing and reconfiguring. Flames: Breaking down the barriers between male and female, metal and liquid, life and death, body and ash.

Flames surged through loins, stiffening flesh. Man dipped, forged by alchemical need, into the softly-liquid cauldron. Flames heated water – and twin gushes of steam, escaping in a jet-propelled blast of noise, quenched the fire.


18 thoughts on “Flames Within!

          1. Bugger that, as the saying goes! No need to apologise to me: During my thirty years as an English teacher, I was forever getting into trouble for my language! And that was just in the Staff Room!!

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          2. Not dissimilar, in my experience. My dad was in the Army and then became a teacher – and he always swore (as, later, did I) that the stentorian roar garnered in the former was very useful when dealing with the little scrotes in the latter. On a good day, I could easily be heard in the Headmaster’s study – and, in all probability, in Bristol (twenty miles away)! I come from a military background (my grandfather was a Brigadier and fought at Dunkirk, and various uncles have been colonels) – and, though I never shot any of the little buggers for desertion/court martialled them for egregious cheek, it was bloody tempting at times!!

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    1. Heehee! Thanks! I wanted this post to be a little more subtle than some previous ones, but for its meaning to be unmistakable! We’ll see how long it lasts on the Daily Prompt screen before all comments are closed!

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