Deception starts with lofty self-delusion!


Lofty: Elevated in character and spirit. Such a cornerstone of life, isn’t it? This need to be lofty in comparison with all the lower beings, those who do not possess the marvellous traits we are so sure we have in abundance; those whose spirits are dull and weak.

And this is the False Garden of Eden: The Paradise of Deception.

Our honesty – especially if it is coruscating and honed to the sharpness of an axe – becomes, in a way I have never understood, as sign of moral superiority and of bone-deep truth about our own characters. Thus, we cannot lose. Thus, we maintain our lofty status whichever way we turn.

Secretly convinced of our own wisdom, courage and self-awareness, we heap pity and scorn upon those whom we see as unenlightened, lower in perception, plain thick. From our great (and greatly exaggerated!) height, our inner loftiness, we condescend, we patronise, we look into others’ eyes and souls, lives and struggles, and find them wanting…

…and what is it they are wanting, nine times out of ten?

Let me tell you! You see, loftiness knows it is right. So the lesser beings want, jolly well need actually, to shape up and follow the path WE lofty beings are on. If only the poor misguided saps listened to our advice, and lived their lives the way we do, they would, or might, eventually be elevated to (minor) loftiness as well.

Seldom, however, do we lofty ones look ourselves squarely in the mirror – turn that critical faculty inwards: Too busy criticising everyone else to have the time, don’t you know? Too busy rubbing our hands together in lofty glee as we view the self-imposed misery of all life’s losers (because, to lofties, everything is self-imposed – in others, that is) and snicker through our long list of how we would have made a far better job of their pathetic lives than they have.

‘If only…’ we think sanctimoniously, ‘So and so could see what he/she is doing! If only he or she could see that following MY path IS the only answer!’

There is a famous saying about walking a mile in another’s shoes, isn’t there? Brilliant, I call it…

But Lofties don’t go a bundle on that idea: The shoes under advisement are clearly inferior and, had the suffering cretin bought Lofty-standard footwear, such a daft venture would be unnecessary. Besides, it’s not about empathy; it’s about the footsore one getting a bloody grip, bucking up his or her ideas, facing the truth, learning the lesson – and, really, if they can’t see that, they’re not worth bothering with and can sodding well walk another hundred miles in their crap shoes!

But, Dear Lofties (and we all have an Inner Lofty, which is why I use the first person plural for much of this!), do you ever stop to think? Do you ever wrench your critical eyes from the speck in another’s eye and examine your own seeing orbs in the mirror of uncomfortable truth? Does it ever occur to you that your loftiness is a delaying tactic, a form of denial? That, as long as you can confront the inner horrors in another, you can safely allow your own to pile up until they ooze out through all pores?

Exorcists without any training, you should not be let loose upon society until you have searched your own characters and spirits rigorously. You do not have the skills to call out demons or psychoanalyse or convert others – and, in your blithe and lofty blindness, you can do more harm than good when you invade another’s psyche in order to avoid your own!

Lofties often find themselves in crisis after a while, because, no matter how hard they slam the inner door, their own weaknesses and fears and demons and Achilles Heels eventually come tumbling out – and then there is a reckoning.

The best teaching is done through example – and through ‘educare’ in the true sense: To bring something out. Too many Lofties are neurotically concerned with cramming as much as they can in – as if all non-lofties were nothing but empty vessels awaiting the priceless gift of Loftinisation! – and then grading their ‘pupils’ depending on how successfully they have aped the Lofty Life!

Truth starts with the honesty we bring to our own characters and lives, thoughts and emotions. If we cannot face our own inner darkness, our twisted motivations, our Lofty moments, we are not in any position to tell others to do so!


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