‘R’ Rating now added because I write about sex!

I have changed the rating on this blog to ‘R’ – which means it is suitable only for those who are seventeen or above.


Because I do not want to have to limit myself as a writer – and one of the things I write about is sex!

As some of you will be aware, I published a book of short pieces, entitled ‘Come Laughing!’ in December 2014. It was very difficult for me to categorise this book – and, in a move I now regret, I called it ‘Humorous Erotica’ and, even worse, ‘Poetic Porn’.

I know why I did this: I wanted to make a splash – wanted loads of people to buy and read my book and thought the words ‘erotica’ and ‘porn’ would draw them in.

But we have to be very careful, and precise, in our terminology, don’t we? Especially if we are women writing openly, and often graphically, about sex. Yes, people were grabbed by the descriptors – but not in a wanting to read the book way, if you catch my drift!

So the truth is, I have very forthright views about sexual matters, and a blunt (nay coarse) way of expressing them; I also have a bawdy, loud, vulgar sense of humour. Each of the sixty-nine pieces in the book (69 chosen deliberately as a number: I never said I was subtle!) deals with one aspect of sex: Masturbation, IUDs, making noise versus silence, talking dirty: You name it, I have probably included it. But there is an underlying humour, often quite savage, in the opinionated pieces. Other stories are little descriptive vignettes, often based upon my own experiences, and several pieces using ghastly, over-sexed made-up characters and allowing them to have their say. I am particularly proud of the Greek section!

Unfortunately, I gave far too low a rating when I started this blog eleven months ago – and, as a result, have fallen into a few traps, most notably the one in which my more saucy Daily Prompt pieces have been shuttled to one side or, in one case, had the comments closed (though not by me!) after an hour.

Yesterday, the Prompt word ‘Flames’ heated up my imagination – but, mindful of the constraints, I tried to make the resulting piece at least a tiny bit subtle. In other words, I eschewed my usual cheerfully irreverent use of specific terms for genitals and wrote it in a way that could be read two ways (though not, I suspect, by many!!).

Now? Look, hell, I love writing about sex. It gives me pleasure and makes me laugh like a drain. Why shouldn’t I? But, as an ex-teacher of teenagers, and the mother of my own, I do know that some things are of questionable taste for the young and, in some cases, easily influenced – and so I have compromised: I am not going to put my writing in the X-rating box because it is not that extreme, but I will give it an ‘R’ so that people have that element of choice. Fair?

I think so…

Meanwhile, why not read ‘Flames‘ if you haven’t already?




3 thoughts on “‘R’ Rating now added because I write about sex!

  1. Listen up girl! Read your bally information piece on flames looking for a cure to get the jolly aga running again. Couldn’t understand a bally word of it! What’s this nonsense about IUDs? Look when you disarmed as many as I have you’ll know their not a bally joke. They use women you see. Not at all British! Got my men to search the blighters but never could find the bally things! Cunning. Anyhow long story short read the instructions and my word the old monocle quite steamed up. Couldn’t see a bally thing (right eye got hit by a chunk of stale nan in Kandahar in ’04 never been the bally same since). Accidentally hit the flue subdivision control before igniting the spark recirculating device and would you jolly well know it up came the bally flame! Aga sorted! Just wanted to jolly well thank you for all the technical detail. You would do well to enlist girl!
    Maj Chalmondy-Smyth Ex IUD division (ret)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jolly good show, Old Chap! Laughed like a ruddy drain, what?! Bring back National Service, I say: Sorts the men out from the boys! Brigadier C.E.A Browning, Royal Engineers , Contraceptive Implant Division (terminally retired).

      Liked by 1 person

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