Writing Books to Order: Eliciting a response…


Today, I am attempting to elicit a specific response to a book-related query…

Looking at my recent book sales – one book sold in ninety days – has made me realise that I need to get cracking on the novels once more; it has also given me an idea, which I am going to share on here in order to canvas opinion.

My thinking revolves around the production of short, themed books which are cheap to download/buy and which cater to individual readers’ tastes (based on posts they enjoy on here).

Two reasons for this: I have finally realised the importance of writing for a specific audience, and I need to make some money from my writing!

Anyone who has read widely on my blog will be aware of the topics I cover – though I can write about anything provided I get enough time to research it.

So, here are my questions: Of all the writing styles and subjects covered on here, which one, or ones, would you be most likely to want to read more of? Which type would be most likely to inspire you to buy a paperback or download an e-book?

I made many mistakes last year: One was to publish five books in five months; another was to be unaware of the critical need for accurate key words and effective marketing. The third was a failure to investigate trends before I published.

The books I have already got out on Amazon tend, on the surface (which is, of course, what grabs us initially!), to appeal to narrow bands of people. My novel on (and, in a sense, by) Virginia Woolf is unlikely to have immediate resonance outside those who are interested in, and have some knowledge of, the Bloomsbury Group. My book on teaching, again, is unlikely to excite those who haven’t taught – at least on first appearances: One has to read it to realise that it is funny and irreverent! My two books of shorter pieces were too close together and not clearly delineated. Finally, my sex book has suffered as a result of my carelessness in terms of descriptions. To put it bluntly, my mention of porn and erotica gave it a hardcore label which, I would guess, has disappointed some – and it could be that it is too frank and in-yer-face for others!

This is not to say these books are failures. They are not. The overwhelming majority of 5 Star reviews attest to that. But, I started out as an unknown writer – and, in retrospect, the way I presented my books was not enticing enough to make those who didn’t know me think, ‘Wow! That sounds great! I’d love to read that book!’

I could, of course, trudge down the Five Day Free Download road again – but, it has worked less and less well, and I do not think it worth considering again.

So, back to the point! Of course I am hoping that the five roosting inconspicuously on Amazon will suddenly grab the reading public’s attention and take off like soaring cranes, but I also need to be realistic! One book in three months is not exactly best-selling, is it?! In fact, the only way it could have been worse would be if I had sold none at all in those ninety days!

Meanwhile, I need to be creative, think laterally and come up with a contingency plan.

So: What would you like to read, in a small book, in terms of style and content?

I’ll tell you the sort of thing I have in mind: A book based on my posts, and other, earlier, writings all about my experiences at the Silent Eye School of Consciousness April Workshops; a book of humorous writing; a book of channelled pieces – and so on.

Please feel free to suggest others!



9 thoughts on “Writing Books to Order: Eliciting a response…

  1. Three suggestions Ali:
    1 – More stories based on your Long-Leggety Beasties Teaching experiences – Humour like that is promotion friendly and everyone who has been a teacher, or been taught, can relate to them.
    2 – Short stories can be sold at 99p / 99c, or, used for your KDP FREEBIES promos, or, used as giveaways in exchange for reviews (they would also allow readers to get a taste for the stories and your skill as a writer).
    3 – Show all your books in your sidebar column, linking each one to your Published Novels Page.

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  2. You are funny, I love your writing style and the addition of humour keeps me interested. I like books I can open and close that leave me with something to think about, usually philosophy and spirituality but not the mainstream rubbish that’s churned out. Probably not that helpful but I wanted to add something because you made me laugh out loud reading this post šŸ™‚

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