Humour it is: With thanks to Chris G…

Humour appears to be the most popular writing genre when it comes to both my blog posts and my novels (the latter both actual and as-yet-unwritten), though spirituality got a mention too.

Interesting! Understandable, though. Our world is evolving so speedily at present, and there is so much to challenge and scare us, that resting in the heaving bosom of a bloody good laugh is probably just what the cosmic doctor ordered.

Many thanks to Chris Graham – of  for his invaluable assistance in the setting up of widgets. As a result, all five of my published novels are now up on my sidebar column, each with a link to the Amazon page.

I have a broad, nay Chaucerian, sense of humour. It is not intellectual per se, though I laugh at clever gags and have a natural ability to extract the double entendre from its subtlest hidey-hole! But anything to do with bodies (and what they do – nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more!) has me convulsed. Verbal humour, especially that which is dry and scathing, is right up my strasse. I am, I suppose you would say, more Nanny Ogg than Granny Weatherwax – and my view is that the former’s decision (in ‘Maskerade’) to write a book which combined food and eroticism seamlessly, and was called ‘The Joye of Snacks’, makes her the epitome of Right Thinking Broomstick (and other phallic objects) Riders.

Carrot and Oyster Pie, forsooth! The former so that you can see in the dark; the latter so that there is something to see!

Wish I’d thought of it myself…

Any old how, I have written before, though not on this blog, about my time at the David London Marzipan Factory in Borth – and, since it was hilarious from start to finish, I think it’s time to resurrect those memories in all their side-splitting glory.

I shall return post dog walk and publish a funny!



8 thoughts on “Humour it is: With thanks to Chris G…

  1. Hey I was away with the secret sleepers so didn’t tell you that I need a book on the parallel fuel requirements of a inline injection system. This should combine an intriguing plot line with a subtle poke at particle physics as it pertains to quantum interactions at the quark level. Oh and it should have rabbits, lots of them…

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    1. Ooh, what fun – being away with the Secret Sleepers, I mean. I was forever telling my Ghost Weed fellow musicians that we should go away somewhere together (on tour in Crete, taverna to taverna figured highly on my list!), but, somehow, it didn’t happen! Closest I’ve got to your wonderful suggestion is a short piece in ‘Come Laughing!’ – but I’ll see what the Ol’ Muse comes up with!!! xxx


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