Chaotic Catalyst

Life is random and chaotic. Trouble is, we humans are trained to think in religious text imagery, or fairy tale metaphor. A Patriarchal God smites the evil. Believers convert the Heathens. Everything lives happily ever after. The baddies get shoved into their own ovens. Life is alphabetical, in numerical order. Time is organised into hours, days (each, of a value up to seven, with their own personal names!), weeks, months and years (with a new numerical code for each passing one!).

We believe in order – and live in chaos.

Our sense of right versus wrong tells us that the good shall prevail and the bad be punished. Faced with Donald Trump, we mutter and shriek for a while and then cosy up to him ingratiatingly, while putting the blame for this spectacular Own Goal on those who opted not to vote. How do our minds cope in a world where one of our earliest tenets of belief – that Baddies are punished – is so spectacularly overturned?

In our complacency and arrogance, in our rigid mind-sets and Grimms expectations, we think belief and stories can hold off chaos? How bloody stupid!

We need to feel that we are in control – of a living, breathing planet! Of creatures who are not put upon this earth for our convenience! Of weather systems so far in advance of us in terms of power that we are beyond foolish to think we can influence them!

And yet still we insist, in our tiny little minds and mean little lives, that we can fight and tame chaos; that our order (so false, so anal!) can make us safe against a chaotic world!

Chaos is a catalyst – often a much-needed shake-up of the dreary status quo. It exists for a purpose – and that purpose is not control by upright apes! Chaos is Geburah energy. It is the necessary breaking down of forms, of limitations, of that which is static and life-denying.

Chaos destroys. But it also revitalises. It forces humans to think outside the box, to let go of their childhood fairy tale comforters, their reliance upon a Paternal Deity, their willingness to allow religion or story to think for them.

Chaos blasts away the known.

It is a force no human can escape.

Fools know that which wise men seek to deny!


7 thoughts on “Chaotic Catalyst

  1. It was meteoric chaos that destroyed the dinosaurs and allowed mammals to evolve into larger, more complex forms (including our primate ancestors)
    Climatic chaos started our ancestors several treks from Africa, allowed homo sapiens to venture further north into Europe, forced them across to America and down to Australia.
    Hopefully the current changes (climatic and/or political) will lead to changes to improve the character of humans (or their surviving remnants).

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  2. But can you extract chaos from the natural order of this continuum? Chaos is simply the way the universe works. To us it seems frightening and disordered but it’s the natural rhythm that powers the solar wind, that drives comets into asteroids scattering them like billiard balls, some bring life some extinction. Chaos is the engine that powers all things. It’s the jalapeño in the soup or the horseradish hidden in the sandwich. Chaos is always here, or maybe not, that after all is chaotic…

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