Oldest Possessions : I invite YOUR response!

The things we cling on to, eh? Fascinating – and, I am sure, psychologically telling. I would love to know the items my friends and followers have kept from their babyhood onwards. Photos would be great; little stories explaining the significance of the object/friend would be fabulous.

I will start the ball rolling. I have three getting-on-for-sixty-year-old toys/gifts still extant.

The first two were Christening presents, so date back to, I think, June 1958. The silver napkin ring I used every day when I was a child and adolescent – and, although it has not been taken out in decades, I keep it for the memories.


The cut-glass bowl, with its silver lid, is used to house some of my jewellery. For most of the sixties and seventies, it lived in a corner cupboard in my father’s study – but now I can see, and touch, it whenever I want.


Thirdly is my much-loved Tigger, the now-faded felt tiger I received on January 9th 1959, my first birthday. He and I have never been parted – and, although he is no longer bright and perky and colourful (neither am I without the help of science!), I still cuddle him on occasions and would never throw him away.


Now over to you! I would be delighted to host any guest pieces on treasured possessions from the past still lovingly guarded in the present.


18 thoughts on “Oldest Possessions : I invite YOUR response!

  1. I have the remains of my blanket, once carried everywhere and cut in two because all that remains is the satire border and I would catch it on things. I slept with it far longer than kids are “supposed” to. I also have my first stuffed animal: Snoopy.

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  2. I just gave away my oldest possession… apart from photos that go way back, before I was born. My little pink leather baby shoe… the only one surviving. It is faded and cracked after so many years, but it was so similar to my granddaughter’s first shoes. It is now in with the family memories her mother s building for her, along with my first lock of golden hair…again the same colour as Hollie’s. She looks like me too. If she takes after me in the rest, her parents are going to have fun… 😉 xxx

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  3. Nothing! Not a sausage. No items, no people. I find the past to be disappearing as time passes. I guess it’s a fault but I am quite a solitary soul at heart. Also I feel changed as if that older yet younger person was really not the ‘me’ I know today. I also think that as I age I get better, more respectful of others and of living things in general ( but far from perfect!). The only things I carry forward into time are memories, thousands upon thousands of them…
    They will disappear one day… all things will pass… xxxx

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    1. I have made myself throw a huge amount of old stuff out in recent months, Chris. It was hard, but I really couldn’t see a use for my university essays, cards from kids I taught over 30 years and so forth. Sentiment doesn’t always guide us sensibly, I find. But Tigger remains!!! xxx

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