Glastonbury Frost Fayre: Pungent!

Such pungent smells : Rich coffee, chocolate, cold air, humanity, the whisper of winter with its varied cocktail of aromas, Yule in the olfactory offing…


Ah! What a joyous and colourful afternoon I had yesterday! My first foray to the annual Glastonbury Frost Fayre, from which I emerged fired up with life, friends and happiness, coloured feathers twined in my hair and delightful cup-cakes to share with all and sundry!

The vibe was amazing; the streets thronging with a gallimaufry of humanity; stalls with enticing wares standing cheek by jowl one with another like gossips in a huddle; musicians everywhere one looked, it seemed, and Morris Dancers striking the age-old flame upon Tradition’s creative forge.


As my friends and I lurked, amidst tea-cakes, coffee and hot chocolate, a stream of other pals wandered by, greeted each time by a yell of pleasure from me and a leap from Heapy’s onto the street and big hugs and much laughter.

A tiny elven man stood by the Memorial, gold tooth twinkling, long hair dark as polished walnut, ablaze with energy and surrounded by bunches of bright feathers. Twirled into this dance, I stood while he wove purple, reddish-pink and greyish-white into my orange curls – and then, jiggery with giggles, I preened, allowing my friend to fluff out the locks atop my head.


From the top of the street, just below the main ‘stage’, we looked down upon a scene which could so easily have been plucked straight from mediaeval times, and a sky of bruised loveliness which, as I drove back, became mountains of softest pink and gentlest mauve.


The cup-cakes – Terry’s Chocolate Orange, Lemon Meringue, Maltesers – read, and looked, more like the denizens of the pudding menu, and went down a treat with friends and family, both on site and back home.

And so, shining with inspiration and deep happiness, I came back down to earth…




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