The spelling threw me for a moment: I thought it was either a little-known Eastern European composer or yet another aspect of post-death marking: Livor Mortis, Rigor Mortis and now Vigor Mortis…

The Grim Reaper’s triplet helpers, as you might say.

But ‘vigour’: Quite the opposite, the epitome of strength, life and vitality.

‘Physical strength and good health’ is the actual definition – so a real study in contrast with ‘rigor’ which, of course, implies very definite, one might say terminal, poor health, being stiff as a board and possessed of all the strength of overcooked spaghetti.

Isn’t it amazing how much difference one letter makes in the meaning of two words? Two, if you count my pedantic habit of spelling things the English way!







6 thoughts on “Vigor/Rigor!

  1. I love it how two very similarly-sounding words can have such different meanings, or as the previous commenter commented, even two nearly-contradictory meanings.

    And nowadays, the word “literally” is a contradiction in itself, depending on what colour of conversation the word finds itself in!

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