Bed Erection, Planes and Jazz Delight

Ah! Yesterday turned into a whirligig of fun and laughter, as Autumn squeezed another dollop of sun out of the rapidly-diminishing tube and lit up my corner of the world with blazing colour.

Close friends arrived, bearing the gift of furniture, at middish-day – and the three of us fell about in convulsions of mirth as the temptation to make something suggestive out of bed erection got the better of us. Like three naughty kids, we sat at the metaphorical back of the class and passed notes rife with double entendre between us. Hilarious! And we got the bed up!


We then fell upon the groaning board – well, slightly bleating table! – and had lunch, as you do, before segueing into an animated conversation about planes, take-off, landing on ice and wings falling off. It hit me then how my old terror of flying has been replaced by a fascination verging on the Anorak! I seek them out, listen to the full-throated roar of pterodactyl beating its way up into the sky; I shiver with a delight almost erotic in its charge as the big jets gird up their turbo-thrusting loins and accelerate! All phallic symbolism, I am quite sure – and none the worse for that!

Some people radiate; others drain – and my two close friends are firmly in the former category. I always get a lift and a laugh and a wakening of aliveness when in their company: Joyous indeed.

Another close friend texted unexpectedly – and, long story short, I found myself being driven up to Bristol for a Jazz Open Mic at The Canteen. Wonderful evening. This person, too, is a great radiator – and we share much laughter, segueing from conversational point-to-point for all the world like a pair of high-hoofed prancing horses: Cats, music, teeth, bobbly garments, instruments – there is nothing so small that it cannot be taken and made larger by combined bawdy wit and thinking so far outside the box that it defies any kind of material strait-jacketing.


As I sunk into hoggish slumber, I felt as if I had been lapped in laughter and delight, adventure and gifts all day. But the main gift, in each case, was the friendship, the strong bond, the wonder of connection – and that precious exchange of energy which lights up our lives even on the darkest of Winter days.



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