Panoply of Posts

Though I say it myself, I now have not just a panoply, but a veritable gallimaufry, of posts on here. Not bad, given that this phase of Ali’s Blog has not yet reached its first birthday!

I write about a vast range of different topics – and segue from humour to pathos, via extreme bawdiness and delicate prose-poetry, like a tap-dancing chameleon. You cannot pin me down in any one corner. I am a landscape in and of myself…


…and this is apt because I adore writing about the Land!

Four hundred or more of them await you, with something for everyone. Love’s Depth, Duck with a Dick, Tree of Writing, Sekhmet, Dai Lemma, plus many pieces on abuse, on matters sexual, descriptive writing, guffawing humour, ritual magic, memories…

A Perfect Panoply of Perceptive Prose and Pieces of Poetry!



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