This is me, Alienora, aged nearly fifty-nine! I am, amongst many other things, mystical – but, according to much current thinking on the subject, I sure as hell don’t look it!

I am not pale and wan, or interestingly thin; Gothic is not a look that suits me (the one time I dyed my hair black, horses shied away in terror and small children wept!), and I’m afraid I don’t go a bundle on the far-away look, the plethora of occult doodads and the personal affiliation with a known member of the Fey!

And yet, I feel that I do, indeed, inspire a sense of spiritual mystery (even if it is only at the, ‘Jeez, she makes you wonder if mankind really was God’s last word,’ level), awe and fascination!

Why? Because I am a merry old bawd as well, with a loud laugh and a vulgar sense of humour – but, to some, Falstaff and mysticism do not marry well.

Actually, I think they do. My view is that you cannot be a mystic, or have a mystical turn of spirit, without also being fully earthed in the world, without your body also coming into play. In order to be transported to other realms, you need to have a solid base to return to – and you can’t get much more solid and earthy than moi!

I travel in mystical lands, and write of the experiences I have there – and then, once back, I am very likely to grab a large slab of Lindt, chuckle uproariously at an example of double entendre and write a post which combines the earth-based and the spiritual, a piece in which subtle eroticism blend with the fires of the spirit.

It concerns me, moving away from humour for a moment, that there is this view that spiritual people should, in some way, be rejecting the humanity which comes with a body and appetites and senses; that mysticism is often defined in terms of hermits and those of both genders who enter enclosed orders.

I do not think the act of giving up three-quarters of what makes us human beings is, in any way, a path to truly superior mystical ability. I think it can be a cop-out, a decision taken by those who are afraid of life, of passion, of the messiness and demands of the body!


20 thoughts on “Mystic-Ali!

  1. Tedswerve

    You look just fine to me! Mysticism is not however how one looks, but simply how ones feels. One can follow mainstream linear thinking, one can attach oneself to all the events and beliefs spawned by the press and by those who generate historical facts. Or one can stop and feel and wait and stare. Watch the river, see how the trees comb the passing wind, stare at the cloud patterns. Think for oneself. Avoid consumerism and Christmas. I’ll shall light a candle at Yule and wish you good fortune… xx

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  2. Love it. I would love to know more about your mystical travels. I try to go places in my meditations. Sometimes I feel like I’ve “been” somewhere else. I dunno. Some people say I am an intuitive whatever that entails. I’ve been identified with Raziel, of whom I am sure you are familiar. How do I travel this path?

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    1. I have done a series of pathworkings, each of which involves one of the archangels (and is based upon the Tree of Life). The book I use is called ‘The Shining Paths’ and is written by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki (Director of SOL – Servants of the Light). I have also done her mystical course entitled ‘Your Unseen Power’. Both give much wisdom and a path to travel upon.

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  3. Hear, hear, Ali. You know my views on this march very much with yours. We are in this world for a reason… and being in a physical form as much a part of the whole ‘spirituality thing’ as any. If the soul has chosen this vehicle for its vessel, there are things we can only learn by embracing it, fully and wholeheartedly. xxx

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