It happened very suddenly in the end: Contracts exchanged on Tuesday and Completion next week. Incredibly exciting and a huge relief, for I was beginning to fear that the whole thing would fall through.

Numerous boxes arrived that same day – and I am now in the process of putting them together and filling them with my possessions. A back-breaking task, but an essential part of dismantling one home in order to create another.

Yesterday, I trawled the shops – both here and in Street Village – to find all those items I will need, and (much more fun!) to do the rest of the Christmas shopping.

Once I have moved, there will be a couple of weeks in which I will have no access to the Internet. An ill wind, I feel, since I am an obsessive personality and quite capable of churning out three or more blog posts a day. A break will, I suspect, revitalise me and refresh my writing.

Back to the packing now!

I will blog as and when I can over the next week or so…




34 thoughts on “Moving!

  1. Eh up our Morris, knew the lass would sort it in the end..(‘course I’d have done the whole thing in a weekend, and all the decorating, probably a new roof as well… mumble mumble).
    PS was sat under the Tor yesterday gassing with the locals in the Blue Note. Lovely atmosphere. xxxxx

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