Glastonbury: The First Three Weeks! Anti-Cling!

For thirty-five years, I was a woman who would cling to the safe, the familiar, and have always been one prone to emotional clinginess…

Now? Three weeks ago, I moved house! I had to prise my own fingers away from that state of clinging terror – and let go…

Wow! On a beautiful day – wild, windy, splintering the crevices in high places with shards of January sun, the swelling breast of the Moon a seductive promise for tonight, Venus winking out love’s sublime ironies – I go through the complex ritual which connects router to phone and, Open Sesame, here I am once more!

I have now lived upon this high spot in Glastonbury, five minutes from the Tor, for three weeks and one day. Since I last wrote, Yule has been and gone, New Year has popped and crackled and whizzed and banged and my birthday has slid by for another twelve months.

I have been incredibly busy hefting, heaving and ho-ing, trying to get my house the way I want it: Allowing my imagination to stretch out and bathe the blank walls in the riotous colour of my taste; moving items of furniture around until they match the subtleties of inner vision – and delighting in this lovely space.

I have also been exploring my immediate area with Jumble – and, already, we have found several fine walks, all with lovely views and the chance for the hound to be let off his lead.

The idea was for Pippa, the rabbit, to free-range in the garden. Unfortunately, Ms Houdinia, as I now call her through gritted teeth, will find the tiniest exit hole and be next door before you can say ‘Watership Down!’ The problem with this is that one of the houses near mine is home to a vicious-looking book-end of white cats which laze along fence tops and eye up Pippa as if she were part of the take-away menu; that and the snarling wolf (er, dog) which howls nightly – and the promise of foxes, badgers and, for all I know, a nest of velociraptors –  makes me a tad reluctant to let the Escapologist traverse afar!

Here’s some recent photos of me in the kitchen.

snapshot_20170111_1 snapshot_20170111_2snapshot_20170111

Happy New Year!


23 thoughts on “Glastonbury: The First Three Weeks! Anti-Cling!

  1. Lovely to see you looking so happy, Ali and so pleased you got there in one piece!
    You look tired, but better than before Christmas. Your new home sounds amazing, and I hope it brings everything you have missed for so long!

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  2. You have arrived! The long and stony path is now behind, the magic uplands await your exploration. I passed you close by yesterday as I left the big girl by the abbey in search of caffeine, one eye on the grey smeared skyline the other on the various books on offer. Be happy. xxx

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  3. archer44

    I think that I am ever so slightly jealous of you living in such a glorious place. Well done on settling in over the festive period. Happy New Year and I hope that you celebrate many more in your new home.Although I’m not sure how you are going to keep Ms Houdinia from exploring again! Best wishes Norma

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  4. Ah. THERE you are! I don’t know if anyone has mentioned just how very much you were missed by the bloggosphere while you were moving and nesting. You were very much missed. So very very happy that you are now and truly in a safe place of your own! you frankly look younger and so much happier in the photos. I can not stop smiling with joy that you are there. Welcome HOME.

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