Capable of Much!

I am capable of so much more than I have, over the past years, given myself credit for! Capable of hard physical work, of cooking (though rusty in the craft!), of nurturing, loving, entertaining; of taste and discrimination; of creating a lovely home; of warmth and tenderness and abundant laughter; of exploring new places without fear; of walking my elderly dog, mostly uphill, with no map and no idea, other than rudimentary instinct, where we will end up; of living without telephone or internet for over three weeks – and not minding! I am capable of learning new things, of starting afresh, in my latest fifties! I am capable of living with sensible fear, but minus that all-consuming mindless panic…

In fact, you could say that I am only just scratching the surface of that which I am truly capable of. It just goes to show: No human being ever needs to be written off; no human being becomes stuck in stone past thirty – and no human being is too old to learn, to explore and to feel everything intensely.


19 thoughts on “Capable of Much!

  1. Well I for one never doubted it (so there…)!
    Was walking today way beyond people and felt the first touch of the Oak King’s fingers in the air, just past the local ancient wood that acts as a wind comb, filtering the cold. This is a good time to be exploring around you go out there and circumnavigate the tor… x

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