Ten out of Ten: Happy Dog!


We learn, from our earliest years, to mark, or count, things out of ten – with ten being the epitome of success, joy, spelling ability or sexual attraction (quotient thereof).

Jumble, my fourteen-and-a-half-year-old border collie, has really taken to life in Glastonbury. He has perked up. His interest in life is re-awakened. He adores our surroundings and likes to rub noses, through the bars, with Pippa. He is delighted with his new freedom to wander where he will – and even curls up at the bottom of my bed some nights.

There are a couple of areas in which we do not see eye to eye, the main one being his extraneous fur. I want to thin it out. He wants me to bugger off. Stalemate at present. I clip bits as and when I can, but the large nests in his posterial thicket could really do with a hedge trimmer!

But, in the main, we co-exist amicably – and he is almost back to the bright-eyed, bushy-tailed puppy of yesteryear: Very touching! So, for Jumble, this move has been an unambiguous TEN – as, I feel, the photo below suggests! – and I, as his owner, protector and chaser-with-nasty-sharp-scissor-Witch, am delighted at how much better he is in himself.


14 thoughts on “Ten out of Ten: Happy Dog!

  1. Not sure how many points out of ten Maggie would give the boat, though she does get to sleep on the bed every night (nowhere else for her really) and on the bench every day. She gets walked at least four times a day (no garden) and is never left aboard on her own (walks or car ride). If left with a friend, the underfloor heating is put on to keep her toes warm, and the sofa is draped with a duvet if she doesn’t want to sleep in a chair. Biscuits and treats are in abundance, so yeah, I guess 10 is pretty close.

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