Censorship and Creativity…

It’s a bloody difficult one, this, isn’t it? I suppose I object to being told what I cannot do, say or write if the rules governing this decision seem ridiculously Victorian, hypocritical or plain barking mad – or, crucially, if I genuinely think that the level of censorship is, in itself, adding fuel to the inferno. It makes me so angry, and frustrated, when I feel that society, by making something natural into a taboo, is creating yet another generation of children who see danger’s thrill and illicit pleasure in disobeying the largely-pointless mandate.

I loathe the feeling that I am, as a writer, being effectively herded into a pen of respectability by the sheepdogs of so-called Good Taste. I am not a sheep, have never been a herd animal, and I resent these attempts to corral me into a tight corner!

I particularly dislike this, to me insane, stance on matters sexual – and the writing thereof! Who is it I am potentially corrupting by such an act? Are the censors really afraid that hordes of innocent teens will fall victim to my lightly-humorous sensual prose and becomes paedophiles when they grow up? Is there a genuine fear that my words will, as it were, break the emotional and intellectual cherry of everyone under sixteen who happens upon my posts?

Does it not occur to those who would gag me that teenagers would, in all probability, find my erotic pieces painfully tame, dated and unraunchy? That they have picked up, and probably engaged in, acts which I have never heard of – and probably wouldn’t believe physically advisable at my advanced age anyway?!

So, this morning, after a dream involving one of the many parties I wept my drunken way through as a student, back in the seventies, I wrote a funny little number, pretty tongue in cheek and cheekily tonguing, about the habit, by no means confined to my era (!), of getting off with/in with/it on with A.N.Other at a party. No bestiality was involved. The inhabitants of the Morgue remained unmolested. Of sadism and masochism there was no sign. Coercive acts involving underage children got no space at all.

It was a good honest slightly inebriated session in an armchair. I loved it because it was funny, poked fun at all manner of things, was a hoot to write – and, to my mind, conjured up the daft world of student parties back then most admirably, right down to the ill-advised attempts at Pogo-ing in a small room!

It makes me so sad that I am being demonised for writing something so unthreatening, so totally lacking in any corrupting agent (unless sex itself counts as automatic corruption, that is), so many miles from the more depraved material.

I fail to see why the implied message – that sex is fun, funny, exciting and can be done anywhere – is treated as if it were on a par with Satanic Abuse or cannibalism. I fail to see the logic behind post after post of mine being ‘disappeared’ for mildly sexual content, while really frightening – and, to my mind, very damaging – bigotry and hatred and Armageddon-type Trump-related speculations are passed without a second thought…

…as long as they don’t mention the organs of procreation getting anywhere near one another, that is!

I understand that not everything is appropriate, that some subjects are damaging (and not just to young people) – but isn’t about time we rethought this blanket ban on the harmless and natural aspects of sexual behaviour? Isn’t it time that we got real and acknowledged that few teenagers make it to the magic age of 18 without some kind of sexual contact and a thorough working urban dictionary of the terms and positions?! Isn’t it about time we saw that it is our own inhibitions and sensibilities we are protecting? Because, as with on-screen violence, the stable door with regard to sex is well and truly open for the younger generation and that horse has capered off God knows where, never to be seen again!

My final thought: Are we protecting our children through love – or fear? Isn’t part of it our reluctance to actually have those sex-based conversations with our teens, and the lingering effects of the whole Sex/Sin stuff which has caused so much misery in our world?

Writing about sex does not make one a pervert, a corrupter of innocents or a latent kiddy-fiddler!


8 thoughts on “Censorship and Creativity…

  1. Julie

    Sex is essentially private and personal and for most humans, it is mixed with feelings. Most of us want to think of sex only in the context of feelings and good feelings at that: love, protection, tenderness, affection, loyalty, innocence etc… Why is it that no one ever wants to see, hear or read about one’s parents having it off for example? If sex were that simple, if it had no potential for ridicule, degradation or cruelty, if we could stomach it without the sugar coating of sweet feelings, we’d be happy to see and hear what it took to get us started in life. But sex has its roots in our animality, an animality which easily overcomes innocence and love. And this is why we feel threatened by sex for its own sake. We are stuck: are we human or animals? We’re both but the line is where we get mixed up and where the censors also, inevitably, get mixed up…
    The relationship between love and sex is both fragile and uneasy. As long as we define our sexuality primarily in terms of feelings and emotions, we are entering a long and potentially perilous journey.

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  2. Yes, you are a degenerative purveyor of steamy filth, allowed outrageous freedom to peddle such corrupt material via the internet. If only people like you could be limited to writing about good clean honest violence, guts and blood that’s what the youth of today need to read about! Why the online gaming industry has been pushing the joy of killing to new levels, who hasn’t played Art of Genocide 3 (with the add on slaughter the innocent pack..). Now that’s good honest entertainment, the stuff that prepares the young folk of today for tomorrow’s world. So less biology (unless it involves blood and entrails sautéed in mud) and more good honest violence! (Oh and I used to get so drunk at student parties I never really had an opinion on one. Certainly never met any luminous women. Did end up in a greenhouse once. Woke to the smell of geraniums…) x

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    1. Geraniums, eh?! How splendid! Thanks so much for your wonderful comment, though, Ted. I was really hacked off with the whole effing thing and on the point of getting rid of the blog, lock, stock and barrel.So your words chirped me up and made me laugh. Bless you. xxx


    1. The system. ‘Demonising’ may be a tad unfair – I was upset when I wrote that last post – but it does seem a bit of a coincidence that, every time I write such a post, it seems to move with glacial slowness. Once I would have seen as a glitch in the system. But every time?!

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