Natural Roots : A Day of Pampering


Yesterday, I had a lovely afternoon of follicular pampering after a great lunch, in Rainbow’s End, with a friend. It was so fabulous to be able to get away from my school/hand/people anxieties for a few hours – and I emerged, at five, looking and feeling refreshed.

I have always been prone to allergies – and so, upon moving to Glastonbury, sought advice from friends with regard to a natural, holistic hairdresser. I know I could have stopped dyeing my hair altogether – and did, indeed, think long and hard about this option – but, as I have said before, having red hair is my one, relatively small, vanity.

My friend, L, told me about Natural Roots – which, by a wonderful coincidence, is opposite my favourite music hostelry, Hawthorns – and, since she goes there and I have long admired her hair, I made an appointment for yesterday and, at the specified hour, showed up to be treated.

On the way down, laughing with my lunch-time companion, I bumped into another friend, this time not seen in the flesh for well over a decade but recognised immediately. That was a wonderful moment.

And so on to Natural Roots…

It was sensual delight: So relaxing, pain-free, gentle and caring. I really did feel as if the whole Alienora were being pampered and not just the hair. On a whim, I decided to have four gold sparkles attached to individual hairs, having loved the look of my pink lures back in November (and having mourned their loss ever since they fell out!).

For two hours, the worries which afflict me at present melted away. I felt safe, cocooned, allowed a respite from reality, I guess you could say. I did not have to think about anything else; in fact, I did not have to think at all, just submit my head to the experienced care of another.

I am thrilled with the result. The little sparkles, which suddenly reveal themselves like a mysterious seam of gold, make me laugh like a child – and, in fact, the whole process brought out a childlike excitement and joy.

I walked home, under a most beautiful early-evening sky, feeling happy and carefree and young!

This is life in all its ups and downs. I seem to have a passionate response to both good and bad things, am capable of both passionate terror and equally passionate joy/excitement. The two are not mutually exclusive. Fear does not preclude moments of sunny pleasure and contentment, nor can happiness slam the door on sadness.

Meanwhile, I am, once more, The Orange-Haired Woman!


33 thoughts on “Natural Roots : A Day of Pampering

  1. Lizzy

    Yes, I was there – what a shame I didn’t know about you! Who did your hair? The lovely Andrea usually does mine and yesterday her gorgeous daughter Rosie did the wash. Lucy’s very good too. I always had an itchy scalp and thought it was my fault til I went to Natural Roots. It’s a bit of a trek for me but well worth it and a day in Glastonbury is always a pleasure. Unfortunately I can’t make the next workshop but at least they won’t be short of a glitterball!

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    1. I met all three of the lovely ladies mentioned above, Lizzy. Lucy did my hair. I adored the whole place, thought it such a wonderful atmosphere and ambience. Thanks ever so much for telling me about it. Real shame we didn’t meet up – but there’ll be plenty more opportunities, I am sure! xxx


  2. and how lovely you look too… loving the idea of the golden sparkles, how wonderful! I have been harbouring a desire for turquoise streaks in my almost white hair for a while now, and one of these days I just might do it!

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    1. Thanks, Sue. It was – and, by a weird coincidence, Lizzy was there as well, in the morning; I didn’t realise till much later, otherwise I’d have tried to meet up with her! xxx


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