‘Long-Leggety Beasties’ : Four of the nineteen reviews: Patterns…

Is there a pattern to the reviews written about my five books? Between them, they have received about forty reviews thus far, written by both men and women, youth and old age and anything in between. But, in answer to my own question: Yes, there is a pattern: It is a pattern of Five and Four Stars, mainly the former.
I do not have an agent. I do not have a publishing firm. I do not have a marketing team. My pattern, if you like, is to target my novels twice a year, or thereabouts, and see if I can push them into the collective consciousness just a little!
Is there a pattern to sales? At present, it works out as one to two books selling every three months.
A review is always reassuring, isn’t it, when it comes to buying a book. I have had nineteen thus far on ‘LLB’ (and ten on ‘Come Laughing!’ – but that’s for another post, another time!) and only one has been less than 4*, with the vast majority being 5*.
So: Don’t take my word for it; have a read of these, read the rest on Amazon and make up your own mind!
Then click on the link!
on 3 October 2016
Fabulously hilarious and deserves to be turned into a film! Alienora’s talent for perfect comedic timing, her outragously evocative descriptive writing style and her wonderfully rich vocabulary make reading any of her books a joy. But with LLB she cranks everything up to eleven and she had me literally laughing out loud. My only regret was that it had to end – surely a sequel is long overdue!
on 7 October 2015
I read this book earlier in the year and have to say it was one the funniest of reads ever! Based (fictionally) on a school in Cornwall I felt I was living the experience with the lead character. A real belly-laugh all the way through. Well written and thought out tale:) Thank you Alienora for keeping me amused for a few evenings.
on 7 October 2015
An absolute must for anyone thinking of taking up teaching as a career or already is teaching, in fact anyone who works with kids. Hilarious characters and situations brought together in an easy to read format. Any chance of a book 2????
on 20 July 2015
To say I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book would be a gross understatement.
The story is strong, the characters are priceless, the scenes painted in words drew me into them and provided me with so many laughs throughout, but particularly in the closing chapters, I had to take breaks to recover so I could carry on reading.
If this were a movie it would be like ‘St. Trinians’ scripted by the cleverness of ‘The Two Ronnies’ and the characters perfectly portrayed by the ‘Carry On’ Actors and Actresses.
This is a book I’ll be reading again, more than once.

7 thoughts on “‘Long-Leggety Beasties’ : Four of the nineteen reviews: Patterns…

  1. Julie

    You have talent. Pity you were undermined by your ex and co…
    Wonder how you managed to produce such quality of work under these conditions, knowing that ‘creativity is intelligence having fun’! What you could have done if life had been more fun, one wonders!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. On another level, maybe I needed those trials and tribulations to hone my soul and creative metal. We shall see what comes out creatively once I have undergone the grieving and anger and sadness trials. xxx


    1. Heehee! Yes, the cads! But one parrot-faced, spawny-eyed wazzock had the gall, the bare-faced effrontery to give me a measly one star and to call my novel educationally inaccurate! Ho ho! x


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