Pleased?! Delighted, more like!

This merry morning, I was thrilled to pieces – which, for anyone not reading this in their Mother Tongue, is Pleased Squared! – when, upon levering open the laptop, my son asked if I was free to Skype. I was so excited, I nearly cried!

For those not abreast, my nineteen year old son, and his girlfriend (whom I refer to as Lad and Lass in these annals, in order to maintain their anonymity and help cut down on the sheer embarrassment of having a mother who has published a book of humorous erotica!), have buggered off to Foreign Parts for a while as part of their Gap Year experience. They have been gone a couple of weeks – and, the Internet being a tad uncertain Abroad, this is the first time I have been able to talk face to face (well, you know what I mean) with the blighter and blighterina.

I pressed the little ‘Accept Call’ doodad (as you can see, I am reaching my usual high levels of technological know-how!) – and, to my absolute wonder, there he was, my boy, lounging upon a bed in a room somewhere miles from here, the Lass lurking happily in the background.

To say that I was pleased to see and hear him is to waste subdued adjectives when other, more colourful, ones lie to one side begging to be used! I was made-up! I was torn between weeping and laughing! I was as happy as a bee in a shower of pollen!

You get the idea, I am sure. Far be it for me to flog a dead linguistic horse here…

We chatted. We laughed. We caught up. I showed them my dress and both were suitably impressed, or diplomatically polite (!), Lad having never known me to lift a needle in the direction of material and both aware that I am cack-handed in the extreme and more than likely to go base over apex at the drop of a chapeau.

It was so lovely to hear of their adventures in lands far away, to feel a faint echo of the intense experiences they are having. It was, of course, very reassuring to see them looking happy, tanned, relaxed and well.

I am unambiguously happy for them that they are on this trip; that all their hard work (and both did work incredibly hard for over six months to earn the money they needed) has paid off; that they are learning about different cultures, lands and people; that they are brave and adventurous and open-minded.

I miss the Lad. Of course I do. Other than Nepal, three years ago, this is the longest we have been parted since I hatched him getting on for twenty years ago. But, being realistic here, he will be off to university soon anyway – and I would have had to face that parting some time or another.

We spoke for ages, the three of us. I cherished the time spent – and wallow in the afterglow. Love is not a chain. It is more pliant and stretchy than that. In the end, we have to let those we love fly free because a cooped, tethered bird is only half alive.

Pleased? I was bloody ecstatic!

Lad and Lass planting my raspberry canes a few weeks ago.

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