Timely Re-Oranging of the Browning Barnet!


Timely indeed! With only a few days to go till the Silent Eye weekend, I felt it important to re-orange myself in preparation for my role. That’s my excuse, anyway!

I had a head full of high-falutin’ ideas as I trotted into Natural Roots – and was determined to finish things off with a dizzying display of sparkles to match my ritual costume (dress and cloak!).

Having little sense of sartorial blending, I imagined that green, turquoise, purple and silver would, in some Acid Trip world, enhance my Pre-Raphaelite hair. Fortunately, I passed this weird idea by the lady doing my bonce – and she, flinching slightly, pointed out, most diplomatically, that said maelstrom of colour might be a tad OTT, and that a brief blaze of turquoise and lashings of copper would be far better!

I bowed to her wisdom! Having looked at the colourful sparkles and envisioned them twined round my hair, even I could see that my appearance would be more likely to attract opprobrium, even nausea, rather than the stunned halibut look I was so looking forward to from my nearest and dearest!

Even better, she smoothed in something rather gorgeous designed to tame my curls so that I would end up less Crystal Tips and more Elizabeth Siddal.

So there you have it: A most timely visit to the hairdresser – and a Browning Barnet which is, once again, more riotous sunrise than antediluvian fox.


13 thoughts on “Timely Re-Oranging of the Browning Barnet!

    1. Yes, she was totally right, Ted; I don’t mind admitting that! I just got carried away – in my mind – with visions of matching colours, forgetting about contrast and subtlety! xxx


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