Pink: Full Moon in Scorpio – Ritual with friends…

Warm it was, and beautiful, as May sun slithered down to its rest caught, for a few moments, on the plumptious pink lip of sensual sunset, a perfect omen for what was to come…

And so it was, last night, with the Full Moon biding her time behind brisky clouds, that I led, and took part in, my first Moon ritual since moving to Glastonbury. More: My first experience of this in a very long time.

It had been a difficult day – not just for me, but for the three lovely women who shared the experience with me – and, after a painful stint at a relatively local school, to be frank the last thing I wanted to do was be social, do a rite, bother with anyone else.

Printer problems meant that I had handwritten the script – though I knew (or thought I did) that printing from text was still possible. I was wrong. Out of ink, and unable to discover how to change the cartridges in time, I nearly, at that point, gave way to tearful frustration. But something stopped me. The very nature of the Moon seemed conducive to the problems I was encountering, the snags and disappointments, the intense emotional vulnerability I have been experiencing of late: The hidden secrets within, the Shadow Side, the Dark Twin. Scorpio, powerful Water sign, triggers much when sailing with the brightness of a gravid Moon.

I set up the garden as a Temple, got out the artefacts I needed, laid out robes for all of us – the colours of white, red and black (one lady had her own costume) brilliantly appropriate for the triple Goddess, Maiden, Mother and Crone. I wore black.

My friends arrived and I took them through the script, the moves, the intention of the rite. They all felt that this was something they wanted, very much, to do; all were tired, or ill, or fragile and a necessary shroud of deep dark emotion hung over all of us.

We called the Moon Goddess – and, for all that She was hidden by rooftops until the rite had finished, I very much suspect that She rose when summoned – for, the moment we finished and dashed upstairs to view, there She was, surrounded by a bright corona of gold, sailing, with apparent serenity, in the heavens above us. But, oh my, her energy and influence stirred a deep cauldron indeed – and the effects will work their way through during the next few days and weeks.

We shared a script and a torch. Two of my fellow priestesses were novices, though they took to it absolutely naturally and had a clear aptitude for the work; the third has some previous experience and transformed (the only way I can describe it) during the time spent in the ritual space.

It was moving, wonderful, a real sisterhood. At the end, still robed up and emotional, we hugged tightly in a circle.

The way it all unfolded was organic, very spontaneous: Originally, only two of us were going to get involved (because I wanted to try out the dimensions and energies of the garden before inviting a bigger group); then, by happen-chance, it became four – and that was perfect.

At the end, laughing and happy and close, we prepared food and had a little feast – to ground ourselves, but also as a part of the bonding process.

We all felt that this was a time for female energies to connect, though, of course, we are all a blend of both genders. But, in future, I will welcome men as well as women.

It felt as if something lifted. Not just in me, but in the others. Not that the sorrow and fear has gone: I am grappling with difficult decisions relating to supply teaching. Not that the deep emotional charge vanished: That would be both unrealistic and unwanted; the whole point was to use the Moon’s energies constructively, both for ourselves and the world itself.


It was fantastic being able to hallow my own garden, to allow it that extra dimension in amongst all its other, more earth-bound, functions. It was wonderful being able to express, loud and clear, that which had only come out in crippled near-silence for so long.


There were things I got wrong, or had mis-remembered; the newness of it all created tiny errors – but, oddly, this did not matter because the intent was crystal clear and the commitment undeniable.

Truly, a magical evening.


12 thoughts on “Pink: Full Moon in Scorpio – Ritual with friends…

  1. Sounds absolutely wonderful Ali… paint a beautiful picture and it’s nice to know the garden is now HallowedπŸ˜€πŸ‘. Certainly his Scorpio full moon is stirring the cauldron deeply; even I thought I was going mad the night before last with two dark emotions, jealousy and anger to the fore, related to things from the past, This moon is precisely that, to illuminate those dark recesses to be brought to the surface and dealt with, transformed…..I think it great to just have all-female rituals, why not and sometimes necessary and appropriate. Can I be an honorary Moon Priest one day ? All wonderful…..πŸ‘πŸ˜€πŸŒ›πŸŒ•πŸŒœ

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    1. It was, Dean – just amazing. Just a shame you weren’t there. Absolutely on the Honorary Moon Priest front; in fact, we could coordinate next time – or, if you are around, you could join in!!! Really sorry to hear about the dark emotions; I can totally identify with this. As you say, these things come up for a purpose. xxxx


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