Family Violin: Heritage


This fiddle is part of a living heritage: My father learned to play it (though not for long); one of my siblings got to Grade 8 on it – and I took it over when I started to learn many years ago.

I love it, though I don’t practise enough and am technically pretty inaccurate. But the gift of music has been passed down the generations of my family and, although Son does not play this particular instrument, he has certainly inherited a considerable talent for music (far greater than mine, if I am honest!).

It touches me to think that this one violin was tucked under the chin of a small boy in the thirties, a little girl in the late sixties and early seventies and now belongs to a fifty-something women; it touches me to think that blood kinship and music connect us and that, when I am gone, this beautiful fiddle will grace the next generation to come into the world.

Living heritage indeed!




12 thoughts on “Family Violin: Heritage

    1. No, I don’t think so actually. I think it is only by remembering and, thus, forgiving and loosening the chains that we have a chance of healing and moving on. But also the connections between us, be they familial or tribal, warrant some form of honouring, and memory is the key. x


      1. Julie Cartr

        For me, once the painful karmic lesson has been learnt from the relationship ( be it familial or sexual) It is time to let it go for good. Job done.
        The feeling of freedom which results from a clear assessment of one’s new situation and maturity once the journey is over is priceless. A bit like climbing a high mountain all by yourself and feeling totally liberated. Move on. The relationship has delivered the goods. Now move on. Never again. Forgiveness? What does it mean if the person who has been an abuser has no need for it? Forget forgiveness. Let God sort it out. I am only responsible for myself…

        The only remnant left of the relationship is the karmic lesson and its meaning. Nothing else.

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