Manchester and Other Atrocities: King Herod: All Children, Young, to Slay…

Manchester. Gig. Horror beyond measure, beyond imagination’s capacious reach. Yet another so-called Terror Attack. Not doubting either the terror or the word ‘attack’. I weep for those lost, those who saw, those who wake bereaved this morning.

But maybe it is time to call a spade a spade: This was Mass Murder, by a latter-day Herod, of CHILDREN.

Oh, not for the first time. Of that I am excruciatingly aware: Children gunned down, over the years, in their hundreds in High Schools, Primary Schools, War-torn Countries; murdered by ‘loving’ parents for reasons way beyond my ken; slaughtered by one another for Gang reasons, for ascendancy denied, for jealousy and spite.

This scatter-gun – and I use the term with forethought, thinking of the many gun-related incidents – approach; this indiscriminate bombing of fellow human beings, and children at that, serves what purpose?

You tell me. I cannot begin to understand the motivation.

Other, that is, than the dubious prize of Media attention and making a point – terminally.

In too many cases, the desire to murder seems to spring from bitterness; a sense of being hard-done-by; a need for vengeance for wrongs real or imaginary; envy of another’s life style.

King Herod, in targeting one tiny baby, slew all of them. This is what we are seeing time after time: Pocket Herods, armed with the Suicide Bomber’s Kit, or stealing a vehicle to use with lethal intent, furious at one person, or one system, or one regime, slaughtering hundreds who are, by and large, innocent of any crime and had, excuse my anger, fuck-all to do with whatever injustice the latest Herod has suffered.

Why children? Girl children, boy children, teenagers – the principle is the same.

Why? Because the Herods of our world need, desire, feed upon maximum impact and cannot resist the temptation to prey upon, and kill, the most vulnerable.

Tiny babies? Yes, that was a real sign of your masculinity and strength, wasn’t it, Herod? What a hero…

Kill yourself for a cause? Go right ahead. Be my guest. But do not, Herod, convince yourself that taking others with you to some illusory Heaven, Valhalla, Elysium Fields can ever be justified or right any wrongs inflicted upon you.

We all know that two wrongs do not make a right. So why, Herods of our Planet, do you continue to stick two deadly fingers up at this fundamental truth – and send your men on merciless journeys of multiple destruction? Why is your sense of entitlement and rage so much more important than the lives of others?

My deepest sympathy, and sense of grief, goes out to those affected in Manchester.


5 thoughts on “Manchester and Other Atrocities: King Herod: All Children, Young, to Slay…

  1. Julie Cartr

    People are tribal: I got lots of mail about Manchester and hardly a paragraph for those blown up elsewhere in the world or even on the European continent.
    Until we can ‘love our neighbours as we love ourselves’, terrorism is unlikely to disappear…

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  2. Hate and fanaticism have no moral compass and everyone is fair game. There is no appeal to reason when hate closes the mind and the heart. Perhaps we’d do better to investigate and address the roots of terrorist hatred – whether motivated by religious fanaticism or frustration with the unfairness of our society. As much as I’d love to see the Manchester perpetrator boiled in oil, we have been hunting down and killing terrorists and their supporters since 9/11. We have solved nothing. We have failed to stop the terror. I think our violent actions have served to fan the flames of hatred and strengthen the resolve of the perpetrators.

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