Read the World Over?


I tell you, a combination of Son and Lass’s peregrinations and this blogging lark has brought my geographical knowledge on in leaps and bounds. You see, I follow the Young Things on the World Map. You may think this is a somewhat footling comment to make but, for one as geographically compromised as I am, it is amazing to begin to know where the various continents and countries are in relation to one another.

The statistics section of the blog is fascinatingly informative in terms of countries one gets views from. Initially, my reaction tended to be, ‘Where’s that, then?’ or even, embarrassingly, ‘Never heard of that: Sound like an internal organ!’

Now? Well, now I can actually picture the shape of the map – and, if asked, might be able to plot a few countries accurately without looking, though I have to say that the ones ending in ‘Stan’ do have me stymied at present (nothing personal!).

I had an in-depth look at all country-related stats since I started this version of my blog back in December 2015 – and my vitals were properly stapped, I can tell you!

I don’t go down big – or, indeed, at all – in Greenland (but then, who does?); Svalbard, similarly, has never heard of me (nor, if I am honest, I of it!); parts of Africa are an Ali-Free Zone, as are Bolivia and Paraguay. Papua New Guinea and Yemen are other notable absentees from the Alienora Reading Club, as is Madagascar. In the Stans, my posts have dropped like the proverbial stone – and North Korea is not exactly beating the literary door down to get at my little gems! Ditto Laos!

There are a couple of others, I am sure…

But, with the exception of the above, I have been read by at least one person in every other part of the world!



16 thoughts on “Read the World Over?

      1. Do you have a little map and the countries beneath it? Of so click VIEW all beneath that. Choose your time frame, then click on DOWNLOAD AS CSV. If you have a basic spreadsheet like Excel open it with that. Go one line beyond the last number and type =SUM(then this space swipe all the numbers above it) and press return. let’s say this cell is C125. Go back up to the top where you have say UK 4,500 views. In the cell to the right of it type = c1/c$125 (with a dollar sign in). Go to the bottom right of the cell and double click which types it into all the cells beneath it. On the bar above is a % sign, have all the cells highlighted and click that

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      1. Really it should be calculated on population denominators or better still Internet use by population (I do work on that!). I have 12 hits from Iceland and 79 from India – but the population base is rather different!

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