Solar Being: Radiate

At the recent Feathered Seer weekend, my friend, Dean, and I were asked, by Sue Vincent and Stuart France, to play the parts of the Lore Keepers.

I have already written a post about this part of the ritual drama and do not intend to go over old ground.

No, my intention is to show, most graphically, one aspect of the ability to radiate, in this case via a photograph.

Dean and I travelled up to Great Hucklow together and, the night before setting off, we tried on, and compared, costumes: We had, as so often before, read one another’s minds. He personified Solar energy and its attributes; I the Lunar ones.

That evening, I took a photo of him in his Sun clothing. This is a man I have known for over half my life and he has always, to me, been a radiant being. This quick snapshot, caught on a mobile phone by me, radiates qualities found on the inner to such an extent that they appear bright gold and shining on the physical outer realm too.


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