DP: No God demands Sacrifice…



Stop justifying the premeditated murder of other human beings by invoking the hallowed names of gods. Gods do not demand sacrifice, their pound of flesh, blood on ancient stone biers.

Humans are the ones who take lives and then use the names of their individual deities as shields.

Homicide is human, not divine.

How can humanity be so blind, so wilfully stupid, so dark, as to twist the words of supposed Gods of love and peace to include slaughter?

Can we not see that we create these invisible, powerful beings in our own flawed image? That we then use their individual names as a Get into Heaven Free card. That we are projecting our own rage onto others – and not that of any be-robed Patriarchal figure playing with thunderbolts in His spare time.

‘God told me to do it…’

No. He, or, she, or it, did nothing of the kind. We murder – hope, security, one another, the creatures of our world, the landscape – and then, in the great unseen trial of the acts we perpetrate one upon another, plead not guilty on the grounds of faith, or guilty but divinely exonerated.

If we claim that imaginary voices have prompted us to slay another, we are seen as mad, Sectioned. Yet acting on the imaginary Word of God is seen as rational, valid…

Skewed thinking, eh?

It doesn’t matter what faith we profess, or the actual name of our individual god or goddess figure. What matters is that we are hearkening to the Dark Heart which is shared by all, and activated by all too many. What matters is the wide-spread human belief that killing other people is, in some way I have never understood, an answer and a requirement of worship.

It is Army leaders who receive the news of large casualties on the other side with grim satisfaction, with the sense of winning (or losing) a conflict – and reward their soldiers with medals and promotions (some, of course, posthumous). It is men and women who urge one another to get involved in fights, in wars, in massacres.

Not gods.



9 thoughts on “DP: No God demands Sacrifice…

  1. Very true and unfortunately we are in the world where terror controls us…. it did in the past ..now in the future. The people who are suppose to control are out of control. Sorry to see humans trying to protect their gods by murdering another human being… Sad ..thats all I can say!

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  2. It is not a skewed thinking, you are speaking the truth, the truth and only the truth. Loving the way that you pull the readers into your perspectives and shedding light upon us with your wisdom and insightful writing. Hope to see more from you. Have hope, write on!

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