DP: Glastonbury Unity Candle Lit for London and Manchester : YouTube Clip/Link


‘Polish’ implies shiny perfection. My words and the clip below fall short of that. But both came from the heart. Emotional polish, perhaps?

Words are sometimes superfluous. The YouTube clip below – captured by Laura Zaky Wolfers – speaks volumes, both in the actual language used by those in it and by the intentions, harmony and spirit of the event.

But – briefly, because I want to thank and acknowledge those who took part and supported both Unity Candle Vigils today, here are the main points! It was Morgana West’s initiative: As Handmaiden of the Unity Candle, she felt it important to use the flame to send love, peace, healing and fellow-feeling to those affected by recent atrocities in London, Manchester – and all too many other parts of our world.

Glastonbury’s Mayor, Emma George, very kindly gave up her time to light the candle and share her words with us. She also wrote letters to the Mayors of Manchester and London, expressing Glastonbury’s sense of sorrow and solidarity.

Morgana asked me to be involved  – and, during our conversation about the order of events, asked me about local musicians. I immediately thought back to a wonderful evening of music in the Town Hall back in March – and recalled the astonishing talent of sixteen-year-old singer-songwriter-guitarist, Oska Zaky (http://www.oskazaky.com/).

He will be performing at the Glastonbury Festival and is, in my view (and I know I am not alone in thinking this), a lad who will go far in the world of music.

I was thrilled when Morgana told me that he was able to come along, to the second event, held at the Peace Pole, and sing/play for us all. As it transpired, his mother, Laura, very kindly recorded the whole thing on her phone and created a YouTube clip (see below).

The wind has howled today, and glowering cloud has, at times, threatened rain – though sun has swept its way through blue skies for the most part. Climatic imperfections somehow seemed apt: We are battling darkness, and the worst sides of mankind; the weather joined in the mood. But it could not stop the lighting of the Candle, try though it might! It could not stop the gathering of people – and, during the second session, the glory of music, the connection of souls, the sense of oneness.

I do not need to say any more, though will include a link to the speech itself should anyone wish to read it (https://orangehairedalienorabrowning.wordpress.com/2017/06/04/light-unity-togetherness/). The clip tells the story far better than I ever could: Although battered by the effects of high wind, our little ceremony shines clear.


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