Revelation: Words from Higher Self…

Appalled and anxiety-wracked by both Election and its highly divisive emotional outcome, I sat down at the laptop yesterday afternoon. Dressed in my signature be-ribboned purple cloak, I stretched hands out as if about to play something upon the piano – though I had no idea what ‘tune’ would emerge. The following ‘melody’ played itself and went on to Facebook.

Unexpected gift, and genuine revelation, now, I share it on here.

I am not Victim. I am Mother, Priestess, Fool, Child, Teacher, Writer, Friend…

I am flawed and have never pretended otherwise.


I refuse to give in to fear – and am standing up for the Light, as I envisage it.

We are, corporately, and individually, going through the emotional wringer at present. It feels grim.


Let us find the courage to reach for compassion and understanding, for connection rather than separation. Let us not, as the saying goes, throw the baby out with the bath-water!

This, too, shall pass.



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