I Create…


I create…

Books! Posts on here! Journals by the score! Cakes…

I create…

Merry hell, at times! Temper tantrums! Fraught atmospheres! Silence! Fear!

I create…

Love! A harmonious atmosphere! Sexual arousal! Laughter! Shock!

I create…

Distrust! Jealousy! Resentment! Cringing embarrassment! Disgust! Loathing!

I create…

Boredom! Impatience! Suspicion! Rage! Irritation! Powerful antipathy! Contempt!

I create…

Magic! Ritual! Fey moments! Sisterhood! Harmony! Music! Connection! Bonding!

I am a creative person – and, like all those who create in one medium or another, I can also create strong emotions in those I come across. Like most creators, I can be selfish and self-absorbed. I can also create support and generosity towards others.

Those of us who create single-mindedly are not always easy to be around. We can be demanding, intolerant, narrow in our focus, blindly oblivious and unintentionally cruel – and desperately, almost pathologically, insecure.

We often need places of sanctuary, or refreshment, for those times when the abrasive nature of everyday interaction becomes too much. One of mine – and a favourite path on the Inner – is St Nectan’s Glen, in Cornwall.


The act of bathing in sacred waters is another form of creation, in that we often labour and birth something new as a result.

Now, a small part of something I created many many years ago has gone out into the homes of a handful of readers. How will it be received? I shall have to wait and see.

I create…

Negativity! Fear! Anxiety!

I create…

Magnificence! Glory! Triumph!

By digging up the precious metals of the earth, and smelting them upon Inspiration’s Forge, I take from the past in order to create something for the future.

I create…




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