Blossom: Ali, Ali, Quite Doolally: See How Your Garden Grows!

Snapshot_20170617_6Snapshot_20170610Snapshot_20170617 (2)

I delight in my garden – and couldn’t resist the tweaking of ‘Mary, Mary, quite contrary’ as a title! Even though I do not consider myself doolally per se, just mildly eccentric, the opportunity was too good to waste!

The freesias I planted are almost ready to flower, despite some depredation from local wildlife. Nasturtiums abound, a brilliant blaze of orange in the corner. Apples bulge and, like fecund bellies the world over, swell towards birth.

Many plants retain their mystery. This, I love; the element of the unknown is wonderful: I never know what is going to sprout, unfold and bloom next.

The raspberries, a few more each day, leave a tingle of tangy sweetness on my tongue and a crimson stain upon the palm of my hand.

Paradise Regained!


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