Other people’s voices and viewpoints…

I am now in the thick of editing ‘Heneghan’ and will, therefore, be scaling down my activity on here.

I will not, for the foreseeable future, be writing reviews of other people’s endeavours on this site: I have neither the time nor the energy. However, I welcome different voices and points of view. If you want to be a guest on this blog and wish to submit something you have written to me, I will happily read it, edit it as necessary and publish it.

There is a big push on now to get my precious novel as perfect as I can – both technically and artistically – and then to submit it to external publishers. I need to be a bit selfish about this, otherwise I’ll never get it completed.

I have dillied, dallied and procrastinated for quite long enough, frankly: All my avoidance strategies have failed – and the reality of the task ahead of me has become very apparent.

I have a long history of subsuming my own creative urges and needs within those of other, possibly more dominant, certainly more media and market savvy, individuals. I am a supportive person and have been happy, in the past, to blow other people’s trumpets for them.

Now? Now it is my turn! Now my own trumpet, burnished and bright, requires flexible fingers upon the keys!


I need to be both tougher and clearer about this matter. I am a professional writer. I am a published author. My words are worth something. I have undercharged myself for years and given away, free, that which many writers charge good money for. As a result, few people read my books. Why should they when they get a daily dose of Ali for nothing?

Editing ‘Heneghan’ has taken me back into the world of sheer creative pleasure: That delight in writing, that transcendent sensation, which I very much feared I had lost.

For a few years, I was – as some of you will be aware – a Community Reviewer, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was, however, a business arrangement, and I was paid (through a system of free entry to plays) for my writing skill, for my usually vivid endorsement of a creative product.

I will be happy to review, to edit other people’s writing (if I have time), to provide a copy-editing service for friends – but I will expect it to be a proper business arrangement.

Without mutual respect, we have nothing. Without firm boundaries, we lay ourselves open to being trampled upon. Without the clarity of assertiveness, we tend to be taken for granted!


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