Dear Silent Ones…

For many months now, certain key people in my life have maintained radio silence for no reason that I can ascertain. They have not told me what is going on. They have not responded to emails, texts, phone calls. I have been left in a nightmare of silent darkness, and the obscurely horrible feeling that I am being punished – though what for, I have no idea.

To the best of my knowledge, NONE of them read my blog – so these words are not meant for any of my readers in the personal sense (though some of you may well be able to identify with what I am saying!).


Dear Silent Ones –

I am, to be frank, at the end of my tether with your behaviour and attitude. Trained in the torture chambers of deliberate silence, I am more patient than many when it comes to gaps in communication. I empathise. I make allowances. I chide myself for incipient insensitivity.

I have written. Many times. For those with phones – and the will to answer them (by no means the same thing) – I have even tackled my fear and rung the wretched instrument. All to no avail.

Why are you refusing to acknowledge me?

That, in its way, is far crueller than the harshest words, the bloodiest argument.

It is hurtful beyond endurance, beyond my ability to cope. I cannot swallow such needless neglect; cannot begin to digest whatever message you are trying to send by ignoring me for so long.

If there is a problem, let me know – and we can thrash it out between us like adults.

If illness, sadness or other problem afflicts you at present, please remember that my love and compassion does not include mind-reading in its package.

If you quite simply no longer wish to have me as part of your life, tell me straight.

If you are punishing me – grow up!

Being in my life is a privilege, not a right. I have value. I am not a toy to be discarded when something glittery and new comes on the market. I am not a punch-ball for your emotional frustrations.

If you cannot bring yourselves to tell me the truth, I will be the one to snap that tether in the end: There is only so much psychological torment I can take.

I have no idea what is going on in your lives – because you do not tell me. You exclude me from conversations with other members of the wide-ranging group.

I have tried my best.

Maybe YOU are not worth the continued effort and heartache. Ever thought of that?


A woman near the end of her tether…


25 thoughts on “Dear Silent Ones…

  1. Silence is golden is it not? Maybe they simply do not know how to break the silence, bound by forces they feel but cannot vocalise. Maybe they are simply assholes. Move on, enough folk like you as you can plainly read! X

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  2. I very deep post, Alienora. What you say here is very true and there is more than one way in which people can neglect you. Taking and never giving back is also a form of neglect. I don’t bother anymore with people who don’t give anything back. It takes two to have a relationship.

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    1. I absolutely agree with you on this, and thank you for fleshing my thoughts out in this direction. It does, indeed, take two – and I think there are some people who labour under the arrogant illusion that they are akin to Royalty and should be bowed down before! To them I would say, ‘Learn from the French Revolution!’ xxx

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  3. dagreenway

    Mentally, I have a box in which I have thrown all those (including ex. Family members) who have harmed me (and June). I have then slammed down the lid and locked it. I can recommend it!! Much love, David xx
    P.S. My father would “send me to Coventry for weeks at a time during my childhood. Hated it. (He’s in the box too!)

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    1. A very good idea, David; thanks so much for sharing it. After all, we put physically dead people in a coffin; why shouldn’t we do the same for those who are dead to us emotionally? Or, whose behaviour suggests that they themselves have never actually been emotionally alive!!! xxx

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  4. On a purely personal note… if I’ve been quiet the past few days, it is because a) WP in their wisdom have quietly unsubscribed me from your site and others… just found out tonight when I checked to see why you had all been so quiet,,, and b) the PC blew up yesterday. Which isn’t helping anything…

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    1. WP can be a complete pain in the rectum, Sue, in that it buggers us about without so much as a, ‘By your leave…’ and then exits, stage left, leaving us limping in agony! A pox upon it, sez I!!! xxx


  5. Having been on the receiving end of such behaviour when I was at school, I can empathise with you. They are unworthy of your continued attention.
    Sometimes the winning move is not to play the game at all. Time for some judicious pruning for the benefit of your own spiritual health.

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    1. Thank you for this – and sorry to hear that you, too, have experienced the Coventry Game. Yes, judicious pruning is what’s needed here: Painful but unavoidable. xxx


  6. geminilvr

    Love this – Being in my life is a privilege, not a right. I have value. I am not a toy to be discarded when something glittery and new comes on the market. I am not a punch-ball for your emotional frustrations.

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