Quill-Dipping Saga:July 7th: Bite Day…


Today I take up my quill, dip it in best black ink and tell the doleful tale of two attacks upon my person by creatures great and small…

What is it about July 7th and being bitten, eh?

Ten years ago, at around this time in the afternoon, I was being rushed to hospital after being bitten, in the right upper thigh, by a German Shepherd (the dog variety, I hasten to add, not the ovine-protecting Germanic human); today, I have been gnawed, multiple times, by a marauding, Martian (because this lot are sure as hell not from Venus) mob of Mosquitoes.

I woke to find that the little fuckers had been chomping merrily on my right thigh, leaving welts the size of five pence pieces and an area of bruising so vast that I look as if I have been kicked by a horse! These invidious insects have also feasted on my left calf, my right gluteus maximus, left elbow and my head.


I can’t say I am overly chuffed with this level of personal attention from nature…

But at least this time around I have avoided a deep antiseptic washing out of wound, followed by stitches, Tetanus jab – and, a week later, an infection requiring a course of antibiotics!


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