Jangle: Discordant People!


Vibrations come from the Music of the Spheres. We pick them up from the world, from its flora and fauna – and from one another.

Some people’s vibes are like a tuneless and irritating jangle, though often such individuals claim that they are channelling Bach or Biber.

It is common to come away from such vibrational discordance feeling ill-at-ease (or just ill!), ratty, drained or low in spirits.

We regularly make the mistake of listening to a Jangler’s words rather than his or her puzzling lack of harmony. We put our unease down to a form of musical snobbery, telling ourselves that we really should try something more recent than the Baroque period.

What it can take us a long time to realise is this: We have a right to object to discordant sound, and jangling human beings. Not only that, we are perfectly entitled to switch them off and throw away the metaphorical CD if we do not like the cut of their musical jib.

Vibrations enhance our aliveness. Music, when to our liking, is harmonious and healing. The jangling sound is, for many of us, an interruption which, at times, borders on the intrusive; it is a noise that makes no sense, although all its notes may be played in tune. It mimics the true soul of music without understanding what it lacks.

Jangling people have very little true sense of vibration. They are not tuned in, and so their interactions with others tend to be one bum note after another, or a horribly false noise which causes the toes to curl and the bottom to ache.

But, the OFF switch is always within our reach and governed by our will, our power, our choice.

We do not have to listen to these tone-deaf adders massacring a Bach Partita, or committing Grievous Bodily Harm upon a harmless Haydn Trumpet Concerto.

We have countless genuine CDs and Vinyl records at our disposal. We can choose, every time, to listen to that which soothes, comforts and sustains us, rather than forcing ourselves – through misplaced guilt or a wish to prove how open-minded we are! – to shatter our nerves, set our teeth on edge and bugger up our digestion listening to the cacophonous caterwauling of life’s jarring janglers!


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