Gate to extreme old age: 20.7.17 – Fifteen: My Burfday…


Mornings! This am me, Jumleb. Me plenty much ‘andsome dog! Own Goddess she chase me round gar-den with big black writing thingy. Click, click! What she a-doing then? Ah! She do say, ‘Fo Toe…’ Must be something ’bout her foots then!

Last darkness, silly Goddess she do sleep’n’snore when me wanting lots of wees in hedge, so had to bark an’ bark an’ bark. Liked! Did more! Liked ‘gain! Echoey feeling in whiskers!

Goddess face like nasty dog down road, shouty too: ‘Jubmel, for Christ’s sake; it’s two in the ******* morning!’

I dog. But I know naughty word when hear one!

She open door. Lots of windy creaks in gar-den and Goddess’ little lights all blinking. Cock leg on spiky bush. Pippa-white-rabbit, she do be scareded, not rub nosies like day time. She do make thump with leggies and funny growl like puppy. She tell me to go ‘way.

Time to sniff! Umm, white cat been here, an’ black cat; quick, eat leavings while Goddess moaning by door.

Wee on raspberry patch. Wee on compost bin. Wee on wheelbarrow. Squat by ‘uman chair circle.

Come back in. Own Goddess clump clump, bad word, bad word up to be-droom and clonk on cosy bed.

More-ning! Goddess pat me on head and ruffle fur and say, ‘Happy Birthday, Julmeb. You made it!’

Made what? Silly old party! What she on ’bout, eh? Go in gar-den, and Goddess she do move Pippa-white-rabbit run to near patio. Oooh! Little poos for brekky! Yum, yum!

Lay-ter, Goddess she do laugh and talk me ’bout Young God and Goddess an’ they do say good birthdayings to me and sending thing called gif. Box wiv lots of doggies running to sniff bottom and wag tail and play, and two look like me!

Like birth-dayings! Get gived meat juice in bowl and other nicenesses. Goddess stroke fur plenty much and tell me, ‘Good boy! Very good boy!’ Hmmm. Could get used to this!

Happy birthing days to all doggies!


Lick, lick, wag, wag…

Note from Own Goddess: This is a gate I thought Jumble would never sail over, so my relief, mixed with tears, to find him still alive yesterday was tremendous…


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