There is a saying about harmony with which I very much agree: that you do not get it when everyone is singing the same note. It seems obvious when you think about music, but much harder to assimilate into the rich and varied emotional carpet we weave out of our relationships.

In many ways, this week has been about profound, distressing and enervating disharmony, in that I have had to take a very firm line with several people I know – and, in so doing, have run the real risk of the relationship crumbling.

But, by a sublime irony, my inner harmony has returned as a result, in part at least because I finally recognised that most of these people were requiring me to sing the note they specified rather than working towards harmony between us.


Beautiful harmony flourished between a group I am a part of last night. Moving and heartening, it worked because we all knew our parts in the metaphorical choir – and it was about harmonising rather than fighting for prima donna status!

Harmony takes co-operation.

Need I say more?


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